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Halloween: It’s that time of year again. The girls dress as slutty as possible. You binge on chocolate and candy. And if you’re like me, you crave a good scare…and what better way to get just that, than popping in a good scary movie to watch with all of your friends? If you’re looking for some Halloween movie suggestions, look no further:

5.Halloween Movies: Hocus Pocus/The Nightmare Before Christmas/Casper

hocus pocus

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. All these years later and these are still some of the first movies that pop up in my head when I think of Halloween. If you’re looking for a little bit of childish Halloween fun, these movies still hold up and remind you why you loved to dress up and go trick or treating when you were little. And maybe will inspire you to break out the giant trash bag and bring back the tradition again this year!

4.Halloween Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street

nightmare on elm street

In the dreams of his victims, a child murderer goes after the children of the angry mob that killed him. The 2010 remake is fun, but if you haven’t seen it and want the full amount of eeriness and scares possible, best stick with the original. Is there any movie murderer scarier than Freddy Kruger, with those knives for fingers who kills you in your dreams?! No…no there isn’t. If a Halloween scare is what you want, Freddy does the trick.

3. Halloween Movies: The Strangers

the strangers

A young couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) who are staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by 3 masked intruders. There are two types of “scared”: the good kind, where you are cheering on the killings and covering your eyes at the same time, and then the other kind, where you’re so genuinely scared that you feel sick. So for Halloween, I recommend this one with a warning: when I first saw this movie in theaters, it made me feel the bad kind of scared. To me, it seemed like an all-too realistic portrayal of what it would be like in such a situation. But that makes it the perfect recommendation for this Halloween Movie list–If you’re looking to scare yourself shitless, this here will absolutely do the trick. Just make sure you don’t plan on spending Halloween night home alone…

2.Halloween Movies: Halloween


I know, this one is crazy obvious. But no horror movie holds up as well as this one all these years later. Halloween is about Michael Myers, who after being institutionalized since childhood, breaks free and goes on a killing spree. Often imitated, but never duplicated, one of the ultimate, must-watch horror movies that set the standard for all the slasher movies that came after it.

1.Halloween Movies: Scream


Scream is the ultimate 90’s teen slasher, and by far the best of them all. It has the perfect mix of horror and comedy, with one of the all-time best horror movie opening sequences. Plus, who doesn’t love watching the killer call his victims while watching them from inside the house? Also look out for Scream 4, which comes to theaters this April!

Happy Almost Halloween!

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