By: Melissa Howard (University of Delaware)

Back in the day when I was a freshman (aka four years ago), EVERYONE had Apple Macs because it was the new “cool” thing people had. I mean, I have one. Well I feel old now because I feel like Macs are not the “cool” laptop anymore. Photoboth and Ichat use to be the coolest things ever, but now it seems HP has surpassed all of this.

I was helping freshman move in and I was surprised how many Microsoft computers the new freshy babies had, especially Hps. I felt so old Knowing I was not on top of the newest trends. Since I got my Mac, I always believed it was the best laptop. Its very user friendly, plus it has software gives people the ability to create high quality digital media.

Now HP pulled in Dr. Dre with Beats Audio, and how can Apple compete with Dr. Dre? Beats Audio allows Windows users to do all of the cool things Apple did without having to switch to the Apple system.

HP has figured out how to combined the practical Windows used by the business world, along with the cool factor from Dr. Dre. It is a smart decision because the business world college students will be a part of in just a few years uses Microsoft, yet they can still be cool in college.

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