By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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Will Smith’s 9 year old daughter Willow has the talent and looks of her father so it’s no wonder she’s already following in his footsteps. Her first single ‘Whip My Hair’ debuted this fall and it reminds me of Lil Mama’s song ‘Lip Gloss.’ This girl has the staying power of heavy hitters who have come before her.

Soon after the song was released on the radio critics began commenting on the young Smith’s outrageous style and fun hairstyles. Yes, she is only 9 years old, but nothing she has worn has been too adult for her. The media has its way of criticizing young stars way too harshly, so it was no surprise when they began to attack Willow. I think we should let the song speak for itself.

If the song itself isn’t enough then maybe the fact that she has been signed with Jay-Z or the fact that  the song has already been remixed by rapper Nicki Minaj, and a mash-up has been made with Sesame Street’s ‘I Love My Hair’ video. the Sesame Street song which was release earlier this week has alot in common with Willow’s ‘Whip My Hair’ and it isn’t just about hair.  Both songs are about self- esteem and having kids feel good about themselves no matter what.

If you watch the official video, which was released on Monday October 18th on BET’s “106 and Park,” her talent is pouring out through our TV screens, and it reminds me of Will Smith. It may be a fun song, but she’s serious about being talented.

Here’s both the sesame street version and the official video for the song. What do you think?

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair

Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street – Whip My Hair

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