Marc Ecko Responds: People are Actually Getting Tattoos

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Yesterday I wrote an article talking about Marc Ecko’s new promotion “Branded For Life.” As part of the promotion, any Ecko fan with a tattoo of the clothing brand’s logos, will receive a 20% discount for life. I stated in the article that anyone stupid enough to tattoo a clothing brand on their body for a 20% discount on clothes was an idiot, and  the entire campaign was most likely a stunt.  Well Socialites, this morning I received an E-mail from someone at Marc Ecko, and I have to admit, I was wrong. This anonymous employee e-mailed me pictures of multiple people who have gotten the tattoo in response to the lifetime discount, and assured me the campaign is real, and in no way a stunt. Well Marc Ecko, you showed me. Your fans are bigger idiots than I thought. Enjoy the pics…

marc ecko tattoo
marc ecko tattoo
marc ecko tattoo
marc ecko tattoo

This all started after our original article was posted, and a member of the Ecko team emailed us to assure us that the campaign is very much real, with these pictures attached to back it up. Here’s the email:


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