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NBC’s hit show “The Office” has become one of the best half hours of comedy on TV. Currently in it’s seventh season on air, the show takes place in Scranton, PA at The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Filmed documentary-style, the audience is given an inside look at the employees of the office. From sex in the warehouse, to vodka-filled Christmas parties, the Dunder Mifflin employees know how to have a good time in the workplace. But most of the fun and games are directly because of their lenient and attention-craving boss, Michael Scott. The boss who will be leaving them soon.

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Scott is a character you can’t help but fall in love with because he’s truly good at heart and cares deeply about his employees. At the same time, he is so politically incorrect and cringe worthy, that you can’t believe he wasn’t fired from his job in the first season. But the main reason everyone loves Michael Scott is because one of the best, most elite comedic actors out there is playing him, Steve Carell.

“The Office” originated in England, with Ricky Gervais playing the lead role of boss David Brent. Brent is similar to Michael Scott, but definitely not the same character, which is the reason why both versions have been individually successful. Gervais’ “Office” only had 12 total episodes, and was almost taken off the air for low ratings when it originally premiered. Today however, it has become one of England’s biggest television exports with the American spin-off’s success, DVD sales, and syndication.

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But now, after seven seasons of comedic greatness,the American version of “The Office” is about to endure a dramatic change. Steve Carell decided it was time to move on, and this season will be his last. Although, the show will continue and Scott’s character will be replaced with a new boss, this is a huge blow to The Office and it’s fan base.

Who will fill Carell’s shoes has yet to be revealed, but audiences will learn who will helm Dunder Mifflin during the May 19 finale. Carell is set to exit a few episodes early so the show can flow easily into next season, but fans and cast members alike have expressed their sadness over Carell’s decision to leave.

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It was revealed in the latest episode that Michael is leaving to be with his new fiancée, Holly, who must move back to Colorado to take care of her sick parents. So who can fill Michael Scott’s shoes? No one in my opinion, but Will Arnett and Will Ferrell seem like good options. For now though, let’s celebrate Michael Scott’s  reign as boss with a few of his greatest moments.

1. Prison Mike — “The Convict” Episode 9, Season 3

When Michael discovers his new employee was formerly in prison, the office goes a little haywire. After the ex-con tells his co-workers about life in prison, they all collectively decide that prison sounds better than the office. Michael cannot handle the notion that anything is more fun than the office, so he adopts the persona of “Prison Mike” to show the employees that prison is no joke.

2. Toby Hatred — Most Episodes

Since season one, episode one, Michael has hated Toby Flenderson, resident HR guy, with a passion. No one is sure where his anger stems from or what caused it, but Toby is Michael Scott’s worst nightmare, and he makes sure to inform Toby of this on every possible occasion.

3. The Benihana Christmas Party — Episodes 10 and 11, Season 3

After a guy’s trip to Benihana for lunch before Christmas, Michael decides to invite two of the waitresses back to the office for their annual Christmas party. However, things get awkward when Michael can’t tell the two apart after he has one too many drinks. His solution to the problem is one for the history books.

4. Michael Scott’s Fun Run Race for the Cure for Rabies — Episode 1, Season 4

When Michael accidentally hits Meredith with his car before work, she is rushed to the hospital. During the routine testing, Meredith informs the doctors of her encounter with a bat during the previous week’s episode. The doctors tell her she is at risk for rabies, and must be given vaccinations. Thinking he is now the one responsible for saving her life, and hoping to shed some guilt, Michael decides to host a rabies awareness walk.

5. That’s What She Said — Most Episodes

Michael’s favorite joke catchphrase of all time. An episode of The Office isn’t complete without one, seeing as how Michael looks for just about every opportunity. His staff is never all that entertained, but we are always laughing at home.

6. The Dundies — Episode 1, Season 2

Every year Michael hosts The Dundie Awards, a night where he honors his employees and awards them for all the hard work they’ve done. The Dundie awards is dreaded by his employees, as it represents an entire ngiht of Michael Scott awkwardness. As far as good television goes, it is Michael Scott at his best.

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