Will the institution of marriage as we know it be coming to an end? Many divorced couples believe it should have been abolished years ago. Others believe marriage is the foundation on which society, civilization and religion have been built. Men and women are the few select animals in our world who choose a mate and can stay together for life. In today’s society, in America, the foundation is under severe attack from unconventional sources, including gay rights activists, divorce attorneys and a new moral code. This new moral code has never been more blatant and destructive than at present.

Every media outlet is spewing out this new attack on marriage. More and more politicians, athletes, movie stars, who are the very role models that our youths hold in reverence, are outed for cheating our their spouses. In some cases with multiple partners. The list goes on and on from President Clinton, Governor Spitzer, Senator Edwards, Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, Jessie James and Charlie Sheen to name a few. Why now? What is different? Why is the problem of cheating on a spouse so prevalent now? Men have cheated before. Is the old saying “women are monogamous, men are polygamous,” still true?

To find an answer, we must go back before the beginning of the sexual revolution. In the fifties, everyone got married. The wife stayed home to take care of her 2 children and cooked and cleaned. Her husband went to work. Life was idyllic. It was a “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It To Beaver” world. In the sixties and seventies, the sexual revolution and Rock & Roll collided with hippies and “free love.” Everything was Groovy. The women’s rights movement was born. The eighties and nineties saw women going to work with their husbands. “Equal pay for equal work” was the theme of the day. Married women were now exposed to the work place. Their unmarried friends were getting bolder and promiscuous and had a new philosophy to life, career before marriage. Young women are getting married much later in life. In college and at work, women are now very sexually active with many partners. Today, we have polygamous men meeting polygamous women. Hence, we have today’s newspapers filled cheaters.

The destruction of the institution of marriage is in full swing. Women are passing on this new moral code to their children, who are also taking note of their role models disrespecting their marriages. Experts thought that sexually transmitted diseases would curtail this sexual revolution, but it has not. If the foundation is gone, what takes its place? What will be the new hot gossip? What will our famous people need to do to make the tabloids? Will Wilt Chamberlain’s record be broken by a woman?

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