New iPhone App TaskRabbit Lets You Buy Laziness

taskrabbitCollege students have busier schedules than anyone. With all the drinking, being hungover from drinking, smoking, keeping up with your slam-pieces, and class once in a while, who has time to do laundry. Sure you can get a pledge to do those things, but when that’s not an option, now you have TaskRabbit. You’ll have to pay, but you can have any medial task done, any time.

task rabbit

TaskRabbit has existed in physical form for a while, but now it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons on your iPhone. With the new App, all you have to do is click a few buttons and you can have anything you need done at any time. You punch in the task and expenses, the app checks your location, and then you tell users what you’re willing to pay. Users can browse tasks in their area, commit to doing them and make some quick cash.

When assigning tasks, or browsing them, users get to pick from categories such as cleaning, donations, food delivery, and wait for it, “something else.” I could say something crude here, but i’ll let you use those college imaginations instead. Let’s just say if you type “BJ? $20?” you might be pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t expect Melanie Iglesias to be the one who shows up though.

task rabbit 2

TaskRabbit currently has about 3000 tasks posted at an average of $30 each. $30 bucks might be a lot to have someone pick you up a cheeseburger, but sometimes you’re just that stoned. You can actually check the pricing history on repeated tasks so you never have to worry about over-estimating the market. You can also assign the tasks to specific people, allowing you to streamline your Pledgemaster duties. Example: “Task: 20 Pushups, I’ll Pay: Nothing.” Good work TaskRabbit. Being a lazy college student with way too much of Mommy and Daddy’s money to spend just got a hell of a lot easier.

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