Nice Guys Finish Last…In Bed

When it comes to making love frickin, the word itself catches eyes from readers like yourself. Yep, that’s right…frickin.  The word fudge in itself just sounds animalistic and makes you cringe in a way that only spurs common erotic thoughts of sex. The reason I emphasize the word frickin instead of sex or making love is because sex is a neutral word that really does not describe your abilities in the sack. As for the words making love? Seriously, we’re in college and if you’re making love, I hope I am not the first person to tell you that you’re are a frickin sap. You should be experiencing wild, immaculate sex and exploring the many ways that are out there to spice things up when you’re trying to get your rocks off. Ergo the word frickin.

Now what is it that makes you a sap?  TSB Magazine has a ton of things that they can easily point out to you that you might be doing wrong.  Yeah, some of your “nice guy” tactics may work once in a while but they’ll be the first ones to tell you that they won’t last. Ladies, see if your man is doing some of these things that are pissing you off when you just want to be pummeled.  Guys if you’re guilty of any of these things, at least the experts are pointing them out to you, and you can begin to act like much stronger, confident alpha male kinda like Lexington Steele (Syracuse Graduate FYI).  Start taking the lead in your sexual relationships, instead of acting like such a tool.