On-Campus Injuries – How to Deal with Them?

Some may think that, given how careful we have to be during the health situation, there will be no injuries on campuses whatsoever. But, as we all know very well, we always have to expect the unexpected.

Our day can be as bright as the sun, but one wrong step can get us injured!

Therefore, in the following article, we’ve decided to tell you how to deal with on-campus injuries from a legal standpoint.

Basic Injury Response

Even though we mentioned that we’re going to treat this topic from a legal standpoint, we can’t help but tell you how to act once you get injured.

  • Depending on the severity of the injury, it is essential that you stay put and call for help. Even a sprained ankle can worsen and can also be a solid ground for a personal injury claim.
  • Ask for other students for help. If you’re unable to call an ambulance, make sure to let those around you know that you’re hurt and need medical assistance.
  • Even if you can get up, go to a doctor’s office and undergo a medical examination of the injured area. The last thing you want is to develop underlying conditions.

Public Entities

Colleges can be either governmental or private property. The same applies to the campuses that they manage. Governmental properties are public entities – meaning that they are responsible for the safety of anyone walking on and using their premises.

Private properties, on the other hand, may or may not be public entities. In some cases, being on the property without authorization and getting injured is your fault. If you’re a student at a private college, they are responsible for your safety.

What are On-Campus Injuries?

On-campus injuries are more than just slip and falls. The latter is the most common type of injury that you’ll be filing a personal injury claim for.

However, you can be filing the same type of claim if you are physically attacked on campus or harassed, bullied, stalked, or assaulted. On-campus injuries don’t refer solely to injuries caused by a wet floor or an unstable rail or chair.

This is why, when talking about dealing with such injuries, you have to consider all types of damages that you were subject to. Even a simple form of verbal abuse can have consequences for the aggressor.

What to do After Getting Injured?

If you think you’re not the one to blame for your injury, there’s only one thing you have to do. After taking care of the injury, contact a professional personal injury lawyer, and have them take a look at your case.

Most of them will tell you, for free, whether you should pursue the claim or not!

The Bottom Line

A student campus, just like any other space where people live and socialize, is bound to have dangers in it. Sometimes, the administration doesn’t do a good job of cleaning, and people get a virus. Other times, strangers get access to the campus premises and assault a student.

In such cases, you need to know more about injuries – not just how to treat them!