Plagiarism Checker: Do I Need That?

How Important is it To Run Your Thesis Through a Plagiarism Checker?

Should You Use a Plagiarism Checker?

The education board and instructors demand that students run their thesis through plagiarism checking tools before printing and submitting them. Many students ask whether this is necessary because they consider it as added work. However, even if you fail to use a plagiarism checker, the school will have to check your master’s thesis because it is part of the evaluation procedure.

The point of using a plagiarism checker is to verify that the document belongs to you. In simpler terms, a plagiarism checker helps verify that the paper is your intellectual property. When intellectual property is discussed, most students ask whether they are allowed to borrow ideas from existing papers and if this is considered plagiarism.

Naturally, there isn’t a rule against borrowing or using existing research papers when preparing your document. You are required to do this, especially if you are writing a research paper. However, you are also required to identify every passage you quote directly from another researcher’s work.

When it comes to quoting works from other people, it is common for students to make errors. However, the more significant mistake would be to submit the paper with errors. For this reason, you need to use a plagiarism checker. This tool will help you eliminate all errors and ensure that you have correctly identified the research papers you used. Using this tool is especially important if you are not 100% sure that you have done a great job quoting the borrowed information.

Plagiarism Software: Free or Fee-Based?

There are two types of plagiarism checkers on the internet, and these are free and fee-based plagiarism checkers. They are both incredible options. However, they each have their pros and cons as well. In the next section, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of plagiarism software.

NOTE: Improper citation of a source is also considered plagiarism (e.g.: by forgetting the year). Such careless mistakes can have serious consequences and even lead to a “fail” grade for your thesis or dissertation.

Free Plagiarism Checkers- Pros and Cons

There a lot of providers that offer cost-free plagiarism test tools on the internet. Naturally, most people are tempted by free offers. However, before you decide to use free plagiarism checkers, you should consider the downsides and upsides. Below is a table representing these aspects:

Advantages of free plagiarism checkers

They are free

Disadvantages of free plagiarism checkers

  • Most of their servers are not clear on their privacy policies
  • Most free plagiarism providers are dubious
  • While most of them advertise free services, they have hidden costs. You have to pay for the full version
  • They have limits when it comes to the number of words you can check.

Using these free tools will save you some money. However, they may also cost you dearly because you risk your thesis paper not being checked correctly. The last thing you want is for your instructor to find issues with your paper after the final submission. Most of these tools are also poorly developed. This is the main reason why they can only check a limited number of words each time. This is also the reason why they do not provide 100% accurate results.

Additionally, most free plagiarism checker servers are located outside of Europe or the US. This means that they do not conform to the protection regulations in Europe and the US. For this reason, using these servers might risk the safety of your data. The last thing you want is for your information to get leaked or shared. The worst thing that could happen is your paper being uploaded or published before you get a chance to do so.

Warning: Most free plagiarism checkers have dubious data regulations. When you use these tools, they store your papers in their databanks and might share them. If this happens with your thesis paper, it could be disastrous, especially if your university users the same tool to check the paper. Eventually, the paper will appear

Advantages of a Professional Plagiarism Checker

The decision on which type of plagiarism detector to use is 100% yours. However, if your paper is short, like a term paper or a research project, then free software would be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you are looking to check a lengthy paper like your master’s thesis or dissertation, the best thing to do would be to use professional software. Most of these professional tools are fee-based. This means that you will have to pay to use the plagiarism checkers. This shouldn’t be an issue because these tools will make sure your paper is checked properly, hence avoiding unnecessary issues like those mentioned in the section above.

Checklist: How Do I Find a Trustworthy Provider for Plagiarism Checking?

The internet is packed with a wide range of plagiarism checking tools. When choosing the best one from the crowd, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Professionalism– The first thing you ought to consider is how professional the organization is. You can do this by checking the terms and conditions of the company through their website. Make sure you read through the terms and conditions correctly and understand them. If you find any shady information, the best thing would be to take it as a warning sign and avoid the site.
2. Ratings– You also need to check out the rating of the platform. However, do not look at the customer reviews and ratings within the platform itself. Most of the time, they are forged and not accurate—instead, checkout independent rating platforms.
3. Time– It would also help if you considered the amount of time it takes to run a plagiarism detector. If you can get a tool that takes less than two minutes to run an entire document, then it wouldn’t be a perfect choice.

You also need to consider:

4. Privacy policies– The privacy policies on the site are also important factors to consider. Consider software that does not store your data after you have used it. You can find this out by going through the terms and conditions.
5. Cost– Different plagiarism tools charge different prices. It would be wise if you compared the various prices carefully before making the final decision.
6. Registration– Make sure you choose a site whose registration process is effortless.

Advantages of using BachelorPrint’s plagiarism checking service:

  • Complete check in about 10 minutes.
  • Plagiarism report with links to the source, so you can quickly make improvements.
  • Every single sentence is being checked
  • Database with billions of sources
  • Superior value for your money!

We Recommend: BachelorPrint’s

We used the checklist provided above to find the best plagiarism service on the market. BachelorPrint’s plagiarism checker is one of the best tools on the market. It features a user-friendly design, and it is highly dependable.

With this tool, you never have to worry about the safety of your data. The platform deletes all information from its server within a day of checking. It is also worth noting that the plagiarism service takes approximately 10 minutes to run an entire thesis, research paper, or dissertation. This is better than what most services have to offer.

Additionally, BachelorPrint’s plagiarism service does not feature a lengthy registration process. It is very affordable and features an incredible customer satisfaction rate.

BachelorPrint plagiarism checker- 3 steps to success

Using this plagiarism checker is as easy as the following three steps;

Step 1: Uploading

The first thing you need to do is upload your document to BachelorPrint’s server. You do not have to suffer through reformatting your paper before you can run it on the site. This service accepts all the popular file formats.

Step 2: Checking

Once you have uploaded your document, you can proceed to check it. This software will split your paper into several sections, owing to its algorithm. It will then compare your document to billions of online sources. All identified plagiarism issues will be gathered and highlighted to ensure that there is no issue.

Step 3: Improving

Once the entire document is checked, you will receive a plagiarism report via email. The tool will provide you with sources for each piece of plagiarized content. This means that all you have to do is click on the provided link so that you can make the necessary changes to improve your document.

The Plagiarism Checker: Choose Wisely

While most students do not believe this, plagiarism can be avoided 100%. However, dealing with it manually is not a favorite topic among students. For this reason, plagiarism checkers are incredible tools. You can use the numerous plagiarism checkers on the internet or pay a small fee for a professional plagiarism tool. However, it would help if you were keen to make sure you choose the best service. You can use the checklist above, coupled with your instinct.

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