All You Need to Know: Dissertation Printing and Binding

Everything You Should Know About Dissertation Printing and Bindery

You are finally done with your paper after months of struggling with it. At the very least, completing it must have been a lengthy process, but thankfully you can submit your work now. Top-class dissertation printing and binding is an essential requirement, and a few factors must be put into consideration. These include:

  • The criteria for dissertation bindery and printing.
  • Identifying high-quality print service provider.

This post addresses everything that you should know when printing and binding any piece of your academic work, including theses, dissertations, and essays.

Where to Start With Your Binding and Printing Needs

For most universities, submission of research papers and essays is made digitally throughout one’s university life. A dissertation could be your first academic paper demanding printing and bindery. Identifying the standard bindery and print works configurations for your final paper can be quite a daunting task. In this post, you will find every detail you need to know about binding and printing pieces of academic work, such as theses and dissertations.

What Elements Should You Consider When Printing a Dissertation?

There are several elements to consider when printing and binding a dissertation. These factors include:

  • Colored vs black and white printing
  • Paper type
  • Service Provider’s Rates

Here is a guide on how to handle these three elements when binding and printing a dissertation.

Elements to Consider when printing a thesis


Colour printing: Compared with the available white and black printing options, coloured printing is the costliest. Coloured prints put a professional touch on your dissertation. However, you must be careful not to overuse colour. Otherwise, this might portray unprofessionalism.
Paper: Most copy shops use 80g/m2 paper by default. However, it’s quite thin and tears easily. Plus, it’s possible that the ink will shine through the paper. You want everything to flow perfectly, including the paper you use to print your dissertation. Notably, even something like paper type you use can impact your final grade. Therefore, you might want to go for a bindery that uses the 100 g/m2 for overall improved appearance of your dissertation.
Price: Consequently, the cost of binding and printing your dissertation will be determined by such elements as paper type, paper length, and the type of colour print you choose. It is essential to compare rates for various printing service providers. For instance, you can avoid extra or hidden costs by going for bindery that uses the 100 g/m2 paper as its default.

How to Choose the Best Type of Dissertation Binding

It is one thing to understand how dissertation binding and printing is done, and it is another thing to find the best type of binding services for your final paper. Creating a significant paper, such as a research paper, is a lengthy process, and you have every reason to get the perfect type of binding. Major papers cannot be compared with short term papers that only take weeks.

Again, a short term contributes little to your final grade. However, your thesis, dissertation, or final paper, counts for a significant proportion of your final mark.

Keep in mind that thesis printing and binding is not an every-day thing. This is a significant step in your academic life, and you want an outstanding dissertation by using the perfect type of bindery. For instance, using a simple spiral bindery might not augur well with your thesis. A classy leather binding, however, is well built. Using a leather bindery goes a long way in reflecting the diligence of your work.

At the end of the day, the type of dissertation binding and printing you use is entirely dependent on the significance of the paper in question.


First, check the guidelines at your institution you need to follow for dissertation printing and binding. In most cases, there are specific requirements from the universities and higher education institutions.

Types of Dissertation Bindings

Dissertation bindery come in multiple formats. Here is a guide on the various dissertation printing and bindery options available.

Classy Leather Book Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

We recommend leather book binding for any critical or major paper. This is a classy choice for dissertation printing and bindery. BachelorPrint offers a wide range of corner protectors, personalized embossing, and bookmarks.

Recommendations: Any sort of final paper is suitable for leather book binding:

  • Research paper
  • Master’s thesis
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Dissertation

Classic Thermal Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

Thermal bindery is a highly versatile option, presenting a transparent front cover and a leather-like back cover. This means that the title page of your final paper will be exposed to view while you get any color of choice for your back cover. You can definitely rely on the classic thermal bindery option for dissertation bindery and printing.

Recommendation: Thermal binding is very suitable for scientific papers with a small number of pages. It is also a cost-effective alternative if you need to print multiple copies of a paper.

Flexible Softcover for Dissertation Printing and Binding

The flexible softcover binding is a perfectly designed option that you can rely on to complement your final paper. This type of bindery comes with a vast array of logos, fonts, and images, allowing you to create the kind of cover you have always wanted. However, be careful not to make a mess of your cover. Your paper must display professionalism regardless of the type of binding you create.

Recommendation: The softcover binding is suitable for all papers. However, you can only bind a smaller number of pages with the softcover, so it may not be suitable for a comprehensive thesis or extensive research paper.

Spiral Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

Spiral bindery is not only a cost-effective option but is also simplistic and professional at the same time. Spiral bindery is similar to thermal binding in a few ways, including having a leather-like back page and a transparent front cover. The only difference is that the pages for spiral bindery are fastened with plastic or metal spirals. This is unlike thermal bindery, where the pages are glued together. It is your call to decide the spiral type and back-page color you should use for your dissertation binding.

Recommendation: In principle, softcover binding is suitable for any type of paper. However, only a small number of pages can be bound with the softcover. Therefore, extensive papers such as dissertations should not be bound with it.

An Overview of the Binding Methods

Here is a tabular summary of the different dissertation bindery options highlighted above.

Where to Get Top Dissertation Binding and Printing Services

After understanding how the dissertation bindery and printing processes work, you want to find top-class printing services. Online printing services are an ideal option as you can place an order from the comfort of your home. However, it is vital to evaluate online service providers before placing your order. This is the only way you can guarantee yourself receiving top-class bindery services for your dissertation. In our analysis, we found a reliable service provider that we would want to recommend to you.

BachelorPrint stands out from the rest of the online providers regarding dissertation bindery services. This top printing service provider guarantees not only high-quality online print services but also offers no-fee express shipping of your order.

Here are some of the offered benefits

  • High-quality dissertation printing and binding at a great price
  • 3D preview on their website where you can view what your thesis will look like, cover to cover
  • Free express shipping with all orders

Get an Effortless Dissertation Printing and Bindery Experience

Submitting your final paper can be quite a daunting experience. However, by following the tips and recommendations highlighted above, you will enjoy an effortless dissertation binding and printing experience.

You decide whether you will go to a physical bindery or an online shop to have your work printed. For a simplistic yet professional process, BachelorPrint is your go-to option. This service provider offers you a 3D preview of your work before publishing it. It is also user-friendly, one of the many reasons why we recommend BachelorPrint.