Believe it or not, but at many schools, finals season is rapidly approaching (cue screams of “Oh shit, I haven’t done any work!”). That might be a pretty scary thought to wrap your head around. The solution? Don’t think about it. Instead, why not catch up on the first four seasons of 30 Rock whose 100th episode aired this past Thursday. The 100th episode came eerily close to turning into a schlocky hour-long clip show (i.e. “Remember that time when…”). Luckily it was filled with plenty of new and hilarious material. But to understand all the episode’s references, it’s best to watch every previous episodes, or at least a few notable ones. Read on to take a look at the five best 30 Rock episodes after the jump.

Over five years, 30 Rock has given us endless amounts of ridiculous antics by Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon, Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy, and of course, Tracy Morgan’s Tracy “Live every week like it’s Shark Week” Jordan. If you’re a truly dedicated procrastinator, you’ll watch every episode back to back (they’re all available to watch instantly on Netflix). If you’re slightly more dedicated to studying (nerd), you’ll follow the guide below to the best episode of each 30 Rock season.


Season 1: “The Rural Juror”

Season 1 was a bit hit-or-miss with 30 Rock. Like most shows, it took a few episodes to really find it’s groove. But when it did, there was no going back. In “The Rural Juror,” 30 Rock has finally hit it’s stride, hilariously skewering the movie industry, celebrity endorsements, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Season 2: “Greenzo”

Remember back in 2007 when going green became cool and every giant corporation pretended to be saving the earth while actually doing nothing at all? 30 Rock perfectly depicts this with a spot-on guest appearance by Friends’ David Schwimmer (Ross).

Season 3: “The Funcooker”

This episode features Tracy Morgan at his finest and most ridiculous with his new realization that he has enough money to pay off the FCC fines in order to swear on live television, and invents a name for GE’s new pocket microwave.

Season 4: “Khonani”

Just as the Tonight Show fiasco between Conan O’ Brien and Jay Leno was heating up, 30 Rock came along with this episode featuring Jack Donaghy’s similar debacle in keeping long-term promises to two former and future janitors.

Season 5: “100”

A gas leak hits TGS’s studio, sending the cast into a state of nostalgia in the form of clips. Tracy almost shoots Kenneth on the roof, Liz almost gets back with Dennis, and Jack Donaghy has some reflections and realizations that strangely parallel Alec Baldwin’s acting career.

So what are you waiting for? Stop working, start watching!

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