Ready or Not! Dressed for Real Life

Lots of career coaches tell potential employees to dress like the manager of the position that the candidate is applying for. So, if you want to be a fry chef, dress like the diner manager. If you want to be a junior account executive, dress like the senior account executive does.

Get Basic Pieces

According to one contributor, neutral colors should make up your base; including black, gray, navy and tan. This way your base pieces will go together well, allowing you to mix and match. Even President Obama adheres to this suggestion. He only wears navy or grey suits. That eliminates even the small amount of time he’d waste choosing what to wear in the morning. Basic pieces provide a great backdrop for your favorite accessories and allow you to really show who you are. One word to the wise, though. Don’t get crazy. Be subtle. Be yourself, only a little quieter.

Start Building Now

By starting while you are still in school, you don’t have to break the bank to get the complete outfit at once. Ask for key pieces for your birthday or other gift-giving holidays. Start building your business wardrobe now. Who knows? You may want to start dressing the part, too.

Thrift stores are a fantastic way to build your work wardrobe inexpensively., a budgeting website, writes, “Look for clothes new with tags. Sometimes unsold department store inventory finds its way to used clothing stores and thrift shops. You’ll generally pay more [than the used price] for these items, but not much.”  Many suitable used business clothes end up there, too. Accessories are easily found for very little money. You will save money if you stay focused while shopping at the thrift store. You will also be reusing clothes that are already made. Good for you. Good for the earth.

Accessorize Wisely

If you are going to invest in a spendy piece, you should spend your money on shoes or a bag. Quality shows with these two. Well-made shoes will last for a very long time. That makes them a value buy.

Bags are the same way. Purchase a bag, and this goes for guys, too, that has classic lines and timeless material like leather. Pack your laptop, portfolio and other important papers in a real world bag. Back packs are great for college, but you are on the way out of the college world.

Spending over $100 on a tie or a scarf when you are just starting out is ridiculous. Find a similarly colored scarf or tie and make due with brand that doesn’t believe in price gouging. Also, remember that silk scarf or tie will have to be dry cleaned. Is dry cleaning in your budget?

Taking the work world by fashion storm will be easy for you. Just remember, focus on basic pieces. Start building your work clothes wardrobe before you graduate. Don’t get crazy with the accessories. You’ll look like the rest of the grown ups in real life.

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