By: Amanda Schweitzer (Hofstra)

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Men, have you ever wondered why your girlfriend may be mad at you? You wake up one morning and she is a serious bitch and you think maybe it is PMS? Well, newsflash for you, it isn’t always PMS. Yes, sometimes we can get hormonal, however, usually you men do something that really pisses us off. Then we act angry towards you until you apologize and stop being so self-absorbed. Take a step back and look at your actions and maybe you will realize the little things you do that make us want to cut your balls off.

1. You Didn’t Compliment Her New Hair Or Outfit

Pay attention to what she looks like. If her hair was brown and down to her butt and now it is to her chin and blonde, obviously she wants you to notice. Say something nice to her and make her feel good about spending the time and money to impress you. It is little things like complimenting her new outfit that start the night off right.

2) You Forgot A Special Occasion

Whether you forget your anniversary (and you better hope you never do or the garage will be your bedroom) or her birthday, she won’t be happy. Mark it on the calendar because when she comes up to you with a present and you don’t have one, you have no excuse.

3) You Have Other Girls’ Numbers In Your Phone

Unless it is your mother, friends that she knows, or your grandmother you better not have random girls numbers in your phone. Also, if she sees any numbers you’re better off being truthful then digging yourself into a bigger hole because eventually she will find out. That is what I don’t get about you men. Don’t try and cheat because we WILL find out. So be happy with your girlfriend or be frickin single. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

4) You Don’t Listen When She Talks

When she tells you a story and then brings it up again and you have no idea what she is talking about then you weren’t listening. This is one reason women get very angry because part of a relationship is listening and trust. She doesn’t care if the story was about dental insurance or about the dog. LISTEN when she speaks.

5) You Comment About Her Weight

This is a big no-no. You should never say, “You shouldn’t eat that.” Unless you want to get bitch slapped – be careful how you phrase your sentences. Weight and body image is a very sensitive subject to women so don’t talk to her about it unless you are complimenting on how great she looks.

6) When You Lie

Women know when you are lying. They can sense it so there is no point in even trying. Also, leaving something out is the same thing as lying.

7) You Choose Your Friends First

Of course in a relationship it is healthy to each spend time with friends. However, if you ditch her for Monday night football chances are she is going to be angry with you. Think about what is worse. No sex or no football…weigh the options.

8) You Don’t Tell Her Where You Are

When you don’t call or text her where you are, chances are she is about to call the police. I am not saying you have to give her a play-by-play but at least tell her something so she doesn’t worry. Unless you want to, again, sleep on the couch for 2 weeks-be smart.

9) You Yell At Her

When you get into an argument the last thing you should do is yell at her. Try and be reasonable by telling your side of the story and then listening to what she has to say. Communication is key into solving issues and having a healthy relationship.

10) When You Act Too Self-Absorbed

Don’t be frickin selfish- it’s that simple. A relationship goes both ways and if you aren’t going to give her your all, then don’t be in one. Women deserve to be treated like a princess so she should not come last.

So there you go guys. Think carefully next time you do or say something to your girlfriend.

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