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Jersey Shore

After hearing about the potential death of “Jersey Shore,” many fans were up in arms, freaking out about what they would do without their beloved guidos and guidettes. Over here at the Campus Socialite, we were taking bets about who would get a spin-off show and who would eventually fade into the background, accepting their 15 minutes of fame had ended. Since I am the only person here who does not watch America’s beloved show, I promise I won’t bash the show as much as I have in past articles, and will instead just tell you that all you “Jersey Shore” lovers can relax. MTV announced Thursday afternoon that Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D will indeed be getting their own shows, both to premiere in 2012.

There will be two new series spinning off of the Jersey phenomenon, one of which starring both Snooki and JWoww with the other starring Pauly D. According to OK! Magazine, Snooki and JWoww will have their own series together, airing 12 episodes about the two of them living in a house together, separated from their “Jersey Shore” companions. Honestly, I completely understand people love watching the “Jersey Shore” because it’s pure entertainment where you can just watch people become complete animals. But I think the Snooki and JWoww show would be god awful.

Snooki and JWoww

Chris Linn, MTV’s executive vice president of programming, told The Hollywood Reporter, “I have to say, again, they feel very different from ‘Jersey shore’ and each of these cast members has so much more depth and different sides and layers to them than you see on [the show]. I think it allows us to expand out from the base of ‘Jersey Shore’ without taking away from what it is.”

Really? I’m anxious to see how JWoww and Snooki have more depth to them than any of us could have imagined. I had no idea Snooki actually had some brains hidden underneath that fucking poof. We’re basically going to watch them skanking it out on their own show. I highly doubt they’re going to be discussing anything of depth on these new spin-offs, since the two of them are such attention whores I can’t imagine them doing anything of value in their lives.

Once again, though, I said I would not hate too much, and I will say the Pauly D show won’t be too bad. He at least seems like a decent guy and the show should be more entertaining to watch. His new series will consist of 12 episodes, also airing in 2012, focusing on his life as DJ Pauly D. The show will follow him traveling and DJing from one club to the next.

DJ Pauly D

He told MTV, “I used to be this DJ in Rhode Island, DJing two sets a week, hustling, promoting, and all of a sudden, I’m on this show, and now they’re sending private jets for me to DJ for these huge crowds, yet I’m still the same guy that was DJing for 200 people, just loving life.”

Linn says Pauly D’s show will be a “sort of reality version of ‘Entourage.'”

His show at least seems like it will be entertaining, and I could even see that Pauly D could potentially have more depth to him than we would initially think. But to say JWoww and Snooki could be deep people…that’s something I’d have to see to believe.

Expect to hear more about these spin-off shows as they become more finalized, but as I said before, they won’t be premiering for about a year. Can we all wait until then!? What will we do without constant “Jersey Shore!?”

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