Socialite Approved Releases (August 8th – August 15th, 2011)


Movies: 30 Minutes or Less

30 minutes or less

Last time we saw Jesse Eisenberg, he was inventing Facebook, and almost won himself an Oscar for it. He definitely killed it but i’ll be honest, it’s nice to see him back in comedy. 30 Minutes or Less has an all-star cast: Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, and Nick Swardoson. With those 4, there’s no way this movie isn’t hysterical. Eisenberg is a pizza boy who gets a bomb strapped to him by unruly customers Danny McBride and Nick Swardson. Not exactly sure why, how, or what happens next but it’s nice to see that the bomb  is beginning to become light-hearted again (Tommy Boy).

DVD: Paul

paul dvd

The movie was in theaters a few months ago, now it’s on DVD. Nothing crazy. The only reason I mention Paul on DVD is it is thee perfect movie for DVD. Let’s forget for a second that DVD is a dying technology and assume that some people still actually rent them. Paul is not a movie people see in theatres. We’re not familiar enough with Simon Pegg, although Hot Fuzz was pretty funny, and we’re just not sure Seth Rogen will be as funny in alien form as he is as a fat, jew-frow’d slacker. DVD though? Perfect! You’re scrolling NetFlix, stoned as fuck, and OMG, here’s that movie with Seth Rogen as an alien that you never saw. And the dude from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of The Dead! Perfect for some home-made popcorn and a finger-blast under the blanket.

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