Staying Healthy In Your First Year Of College

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If you don’t want to fall into that freshman fifteen issue and gain some weight your first year of college, you are going to have a little more work to do than just some schoolwork. It might not be easy to find the time to eat right and exercise while you are gaining your bearing in college, but it’s something you need to do for your health.

By living on things like macaroni with cheese and Ramen noodles you are increasing your risk of illnesses, and simply getting burned out. Those foods aren’t nourishing your body, but making sure you don’t forget to do these three things will.

Don’t Neglect Checkups

Getting regular doctor checkups, no matter what age you are, is important. You can detect things like allergies, cancer, and even stomach issues earlier and get them dealt with faster. Your unhealthy college diet could be doing things to your stomach, intestines, and your colon that you don’t realize, and only your doctor can figure out why you might be having issues.

Simply keeping up on physicals and getting vaccinations when they are needed will keep you on the path to wellness. Even the busiest college student can, and should, make time for regular doctor visits. If you’re doing the traditional college drinking you may want to get your liver checked out too.

Eat Right

Even if Ramen is a staple for college students and it’s one of the easiest things to make when you are in a hurry, you still need to make sure you are getting some protein and other nutrients. Get some fresh fruits and vegetables any time you can, even if it means ordering a salad when you order that pizza delivery.

There are ways to sneak in healthy foods, and if you have to, you can always take a vitamin supplement. Remember, this is for your health. A healthier diet will help you stay awake in class, and maybe even help you get better grades.

Work In Workouts

You’re probably already getting a good workout running from class to class, but you should work on having a regular fitness schedule of some sort as well. It could be something as simple as twenty minutes of running in place in the morning.

Find out if your school has a gym for students on the premises, or if you can get a discount at the local gym, and stop by any time you have a little free time. Even just a jog through campus once every day, whenever you have time, can do wonders for your health.

You don’t have to gain weight your first year of college, just because you are too busy gaining knowledge. Just try your best to get the healthy foods you need and get a little physical activity into every day, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier college existence.


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