By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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Even though it’s summer, the weekend is still something that brings people together. No matter the distance or time people will gather and entertain in some way, but then the dreaded Sunday comes and it’s time to prepare for the week ahead. Because for some reason everyone always hates Mondays, it’s like some unwritten rule in our society.

But why is it that because Monday sucks so bad that poor Sunday has to suffer as well? Is it because they rhyme or some other idiotic reason that I can’t currently think of. Well I am here to stand up for Sunday’s right to be a part of the weekend again. Its Sunday Fun-day and we’re reclaiming this day! From now on don’t feel pressured to be productive on Sunday just because the next day is the worst day of the week.

Instead of waking up at 9am and doing some mundane chore, give your friends a wake up call around 11am and just lay around all day and watch a Law and Order: SVU marathon (you know it’s on…its always on). With the recent cancellation of the original Law and Order I’m sure some network will pick up syndication rights so you can lounge and be an amateur crime solver all day. I personally like to think that watching shows like these make me a better problem solver, I mean when I’m supposedly laying around being lazy I’m giving my brain a workout so that makes this a win-win situation.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a good idea to you grab some friends and head out to your local sports bar. If you attend Illinois State then you know that the Pub II is the place to be on Sunday’s for sports, beer, and the house specialty cheese balls. Your friends will love you for coming up with an idea to get everyone off the couch so they can at least pretend they did something productive.

It’s time we give Sunday the recognition it deserves as a part of the weekend so I hope you stop to take the time to appreciate the fact that it’s still the weekend. Please save your Monday blues for Monday, but if anyone happens to come up to you and inform you that ‘Someone has a case of the Mondays!’ feel free to punch them in the neck because the day already sucks so shut up about it.

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