Ten Affordable Sunglasses that Look Expensive and Stylish 

No matter what the season might be, seeing the world through a stylish rose-tinted pair of sunnies is the icing on the cake to any great outfit, which earlier only a few designers offered in terms of style and quality. But now, with the change in trend, there is no shortage of affordable, high-end options in the market. Here we have for you some affordable picks like the classic Aviators, cat-eye sunglasses, and much more, which you would wear way beyond the summer months. Block the Sun without breaking your bank with some great offers at Zenni Opticals with a flat 20% discount on Blokz Collection, up to 25% savings on Premium sunglasses and free shipping offered with Zenni Optical promo code.

Soak up the Sun with affordable yet stylish sunglasses

Sunglasses are a defining centerpiece of any urban style, and the difference is clear to see with plenty of wallet-friendly options for men, women, and kids. Consult some of our top hand picked selections and dramatically exemplify your sophistication and style.

Oversized Sunglasses for the wild at heart

With the summer unfolding, versatility is at its core. Warby Parker has some awesome sunnies, which are both stylish and accessible. Add a pack of 5 home try-ons in your cart, with a pair for everyone in dramatic shapes, an eclectic mix of acetates and metals making heads turn. If you have a wide or a broad face, the oversized pair of Aubrey sunglasses will fit you well without sacrificing UV protection as each pair at Warby Parker is outfitted with scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Offering various prescription and lens types, if you end up scratching your glasses in the first 12 months, the store will replace it for free. Browse for more options starting from $95.

Vintage 80’s Look- Aviators

Aviator style sunglasses made its biggest splash in the fashion world in the ’80s with Tom Cruise movie Top Gun. These unisex glasses will make you look dapper on your Instagram selfies and add a touch of individuality to your looks. High ranges are on offer at Zenni Optical, so do make it a point to consider the color options of the frames and lenses starting from $6.95 onwards. If you are looking for something a little edgier, you can go in for the Commando Aviator sunglasses by Prive Revaux with their flashy mirrored lenses, making you stand out from the crowd.

Sunglasses for Male fashionistas

Men love designer wear, especially if they are at a discount. Suppose you are looking for sunglasses by brand, then Ray-Ban’s likely one of the first, which one can think of with its list of impressive iconic styles. Get the actual Ray-Ban experience with their authentic polarized Polycarbonate lenses, which are thinner, lighter, and blocking the UV rays and protecting your eyes from the Sun’s blinding glare. Target optical is making everything possible for you with the option of single vision, no prescription, or progressive vision on their sunglasses starting from $144, providing the perfect combination of form and function.

Cat-Eye sunglasses with dark gray tint for Women with prescriptions

Cat-eye sunglasses upswept at the outer edges along the temples giving a lifting effect to the face are downright attractive, and one of the top street styles picks. If you are looking for the Stella McCartney cat-eye style, then there are great Premium options available at Zenni Optical, having a luxurious feel with subtly curved lenses. The wide frame wide adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit and layered metal cut-out design on the outer rim. Available at an affordable WOW price @$35.95 with anti-scratch coating and UV protection.

Sunglasses for Beach or sports Lovers- Polarized

Polarized sunglasses block intense reflected light and reduce any scattered glare and restores vivid color, and the lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is a robust and shatter-proof material. They are so lightweight that you can hardly feel them on your face. You can find various styles at Frames Direct of all brands like Duco, Costa, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and more. You can find your choice at an affordable price from among the different models in terms of the price range. Those who are inclined more towards outdoor activities can get their sunglasses customized with mirror finishes. The Range of the lenses starts from $32.99.

Blokz Sunglasses for the trendy you

Get noticed with this smart pair of sunglasses from Zenni Opticals offering flat 20% off in their Blokz collection of Blokz Photochromic, Blokz Trivex available in prescription, and non- prescription options. So get rid of the nagging headaches and eye strain you have been experiencing by upgrading your sunglasses with these blue-blocking glasses.

Rectangle Sunglasses

You are sure to win accolades for your style with these smart, cool, and elegant rectangle sunglasses that go with both formals and casuals. These sunglasses are appealing, and one such classic piece, Harris, is available at Warby Parker, fine-tuned to perfection with a pain-free purchasing process. You can expect designer wear quality with price starting from $95.

Classy Rounders

Embrace a sophisticated and classy look with Wise. This round and rimless pair with spring hinges and adjustable nose pads promises all-day comfort and rest assured that quality and style go hand in hand. This features rimless black lenses and sleek temple arms with a beautiful bronze finish. With anti-scratch lens coating, they are available at Eyebuydirect at $42.

Geometric Sunglasses

Angular geometric sunglasses can lend a luxurious look to any women’s wardrobe. With their trendy appearance, you can rock them from sunrise to sunset. These sunglasses are well fitted for everyone with UV-protection lenses and are both durable and versatile.

Floral prints sunglasses for girls

This pair is perfect for your budding fashionista. Young adults will keep admiring themselves with these pretty pink browline floral sunglasses. Available in glossy, floral prints with adjustable nose pads for added comfort at Zenni Opticals at $19.95. Look out for some more storage options at Nordstrom like the adorable heart-shaped Mermazing frames by Capelli and more.

Sunglasses are an essential accessory to any outfit, an investment in your style whether you’re dressed for a busy day at work or a weekend of leisure and happiness. There are many options available, and everyone is on a lookout to grab the best deals. So stay tuned in for the latest deals and discounts, which are often released by all the stores which can be accessed through the website, app, or printable coupons.

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