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By: Paige Vigil (University of Minnesota)

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In last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ali’s three suitors were narrowed down to the two finalists: Chris and Roberto.

Frank, one of Ali’s long time favorite contenders, told Ali last night that he no longer wants to compete for her heart. He instead, wants to return home to Chicago to continue his relationship with ex-lover, Nicole. According to Frank, he and Nicole have been estranged since the start of the show, but his curiosity of his future with Nicole was sparked, while he was falling in love with Ali.

In previous, happier times, Ali has called Frank, “perfect.” He certainly had my vote before last night’s episode aired. Ali called Frank’s actions, “selfish.” She initially wanted him to turn around and stay after he left, but at the end was glad he was gone. The viewers haven’t seen this many tears from Ali since she left Jake Pavelka for her job.

On a lighter note, Ali had a great date with Roberto. The two were whisked away on a private helicopter to their very own heart shape island where they shared a picnic in the afternoon and a romantic dinner at night. Roberto and Ali have a clear physical chemistry that is smokin’ hot. I don’t know how Ali couldn’t be attracted to his chiseled features and beaming smile. However, I don’t know if this couple has what it takes to make it in the long haul. I think the infatuation they share is so fueled by their physical attraction that they aren’t delving deep enough into what else is there.

Ali’s other date was with Chris. The two of them jumped off a yacht to swim to an island and looked for pearls hiding inside clams while they were there. The two were very playful. Chris definitely has my vote. He is more “husband material” for Ali. They have great chemistry that has really blossomed throughout the season. Chris admits to taking the relationship with Ali slow at first, but that is why I think they could make a great couple. Their relationship would be steady.

My prediction is that Ali will choose Roberto, even though I would prefer her to pick Chris. Maybe I am just being pessimistic and not getting my hopes up. I could also see her not choosing a bachelor and leaving single, letting her own insecurities cloud her head. Next Monday is the “Men Tell-All” episode, so Bachelorette lovers will have to wait two weeks for the anticipated decision.

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