While you’re friends are off traveling the country, or working their asses off at away camps, you’ll be safe and sound at the place you’ve called home. Now this may sound like you’re heading for the worst summer ever but before you go off and pout about it, think of all the positives.

No Random Diseases

Now STD’s don’t count because if you’re hooking up with the local townies that will forever remain in your hometown, then you deserve what you have coming to you. What I’m referring too are those diseases that people get from going to new countries or places. Because you’re staying safe and sound at home, you don’t have to worry about that. So while you’re best friend is texting you about this horrible cold that they’ve come down with, you can laugh to yourself for being smart enough to stay at home.

Free Housing

You’ve been away at school for long that during that time period, your parents decide that they really do love and care about you. So now that they have you for a few months, they aren’t letting you go. This might now sound like fun if you once grew up as a leash kid but think of it this way: you’re saving money. All that rent money can now be put towards something better like spring break, or all the bar crawls your heart desires.

Home Cooked Meals

Nobody cooks food the way you like it like the rents. For months now, you’ve been eating wonderful dining hall food, or 2am drunk pizza. Now that you’re in the comfort of your own home, the rents will cook you all those meals you’ve been missing.

Reconnecting With Friends

When you left high school, you promised your friends that you would be besties for life. Semester after semester came and went and you lost touch from all those friends. This summer, get together with your friends and relive those high school days, but with LEGAL alcohol. Hit up all those spots in the woods where you drank or smoke to avoid being caught, eat at all the local places. Remember why you were friends with people. Worst case scenario all those high school friends are assholes in which you can then invite your college friends over and show them how you “insert home town” parties.

Local Bars

As a kid you walked by all the places thinking “one day I’ll be able to go in this place”. Well friend, the day has come. Consider the bars at home a chance to maintain your alcohol tolerance while partying with the best of where you come from. If you live near a big city, this is an even better chance to take advantage of bars you probably would never get to go too during the school year.

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