hangover VI

If you guys read my Hangover 2 article, you already know my feelings about the supposed “sequel.” It was a cheap, cookie-cutter, scene for scene copy of the first one, and I’m sorry I spent $11.50 on it. If Hollywood is interested in maintaining any kind of integrity, they need to stop pumping out the same movies over and over again, and I sincerely hope that despite the rumors I’ve been hearing, Hangover 3 is not actually being made. Hangover 6 though, that’s a different story. Whoever these kids are, they said exactly what I said in my article, but in a video form. It’s funny too. I may be the only one that agrees with them in my office (most likely in a 5 mile radius as well), but they’re getting a nod, and you should absolutely watch their video below. Check out their YouTube Channel here Shatter Frame Productions.


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