This Backpack Scooter Might Just Be Cooler Than It Is Ugly

backpack scooter

I always felt really, really bad for those kids that had to fly back-and-forth between school and home for every 2-day break. Sure, a multi-hundred dollar barrier (free bag of peanuts included) between you and your parents is definitely a plus, but getting a ride to the airport, waiting in lines, getting your junk touched by TSA, drastically increasing your odds of burning up in a fireball, nose-dive plane crash (sorry, I’m morbid in the morning)? Doesn’t seem worth it. Then I saw this Backpack that folds out Transformers style into a Scooter for cruising across linoleum floors at rapid speeds. And although it looks like it was made from radioactive scrap metal, I desperately want a use for it.

gig pack

This contraption (a rare perfect use of this word) was created by Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck and is officially called the “Gig Pack.” Before we get too deep into this write-up, I should note that the scooter is in concept mode as of now, which means it is not at the present time available for purchase. This of course saves me the daunting task of desperately trying to justify actually wearing it. I also don’t travel much, and there is no doubt in my mind that that thing is both heavy and a pain in the ass to re-fold when trying to briskly segway from scootering to walking. Still, if I was more of a traveler, or an out-of-state university attendee, I would strongly consider purchasing.

Check out Gustavo’s Brenck’s Gig Pack. If you’re nice, maybe he’ll send you one.

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