Top 20 Wittiest Tweets from Seth MacFarlane

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You may have heard of a little known show named “Family Guy.” You know the one with the fat guy, the dog, and the sinister baby that you only watch while stoned or trying to waste time with the girl you’re trying to hit? The man who created the show, draws the characters, and does practically every voice is a likable dude named Seth MacFarlane (@sethmacfarlane). While “Family Guy” is certainly the biggest, it’s not Seth’s only claim to fame either. He is also responsible for “American Dad,” “The Cleveland Show,” and an upcoming re-boot of “The Flintstones.” Aside from occupation and/or race of the main character, those shows are basically carbon copies of one another, but there is a reason I can’t hold that against Seth: he is fucking hysterical on Twitter. I don’t think I could think of anyone who knows American Pop Culture as well as Seth, not even The Campus Socialite, and his observations are as on point and hilarious as you could ask for. So for this week’s Top Tweets, check out the Top 20 Witty Tweets from Seth MacFarlane. Hint: Like everything he does,  it’s better on drugs.

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