We discovered this epic wallpaper from Dupenny that looks exactly like your favorite shady strip joint’s bathroom. It’s a 3 meter panel of sketches that resemble call girl adverts (otherwise known as hookers). Each panel will run you about $128, but it’ll be an amazing conversation piece for all the slutty girls you bring back from the bar.


Not comfortable with all those cartoon titties and hoo-has across the expanse of your wall? The wallpaper comes with stickers shaped like little green stars, so you can cover up their privates if you absolutely need to (although I’m not sure you would even buy this wallpaper if you didn’t intend on slapping lots of nudity onto your wall).


You can grab your own panel on Bouf and be that guy with the wall covered in animated flyers for prostitutes. Everyone will wanna come to your room and see what’s up! Just make sure you have a jizzmopper on hand for those weird kids down the hall who get their kicks from naked cartoons.

[via CoolMaterial]

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