Jekyll and Hyde

Restaurants like Jekyll and Hyde and the Hard Rock Cafe tend to be very popular due to their unusual themes and entertainment factors. This got me and my fellow Campus Socialites thinking…what other unusual themes could make for great restaurants? Of course, you can have something with a Silence of the Lambs theme, but I have a feeling that one won’t be too popular. Here are some restaurants that really should exist, if for no other reason than it would be funny.

Heart Attack Grill


The house special: the “Double Bypass Burger.”

If you manage to buster up enough courage to walk in the door after reading this outrageous restaurant title, you’ve got to try out the house special, the “double bypass burger.” This burger contains four very meaty, very juicy patties that have enough combinations of condiments to block your arteries and actually start a heart attack. If you finish this crazy burger, you can expect a trip to the bathroom and possibly the ER as well.

Race Race Diner


A diner in which all the employees are constantly running and exerting high amounts of energy. While this may get to be overwhelming, I can assure you there will never be a dull moment at this diner. Each of the waiters and waitresses run to get your order, then don’t stop moving until they retrieve your order and it’s ready to eat in front of you. You can also guarantee each waiter/waitress will be good looking since they will all have sick bodies. The length of stay for each customer correlates with each worker’s commission…the shortest time gets the waiter the most benefits and so on.



This restaurant replaces the seats and chairs with toilet bowls for their customers. Shitters has mainly barbeque foods including burgers, fries, hot dogs and beans drenched in all kinds of different sauces and toppings. Each of these dishes will tempt you to just pull down your pants while eating and shit as you go. Be sure to bring plenty of Tums. Toilet paper is also set properly on the table for your basic needs.

(There is an actual restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan called the Modern Toilet which brings this fantasy to life.)

Chuck E. Breathe


Instead of the infamous Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, Chuck E. Breathe is a particularly gothic and creepy restaurant located in a funeral parlor. Surrounded by caskets and plenty of red, Chuck E. Breathe is a restaurant that emphasizes the Chucky movie series. This restaurant is known for its amazing steaks, though some customers believe these have been scaled from the dead parishioners who accompany them. Would you be comfortable eating, knowing you have essentially dead skeletons surrounding you?



Named after the infamous movie, Hooks is a restaurant geared toward children with a bunch of different characters. Each waiter and waitress dresses up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, respectively. The store manager’s normal attire consists of Captain Hook gear and a metal left hand. As new customers enter this establishment, the same production show is performed every hour on the hour, including a song and dance. While this restaurant is known for its family appeal, the gift shop showcases some of the coolest hand hooks available for the use of normal customers and citizens.

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