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By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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The cast of Jersey Shore had better watch their back, because something is brewing on the other side of town and I’m not quite sure if Snooki can compete with this one. Singer-actor Tyrese Gibson is producing the Korean version of the popular show, K-Town, will feature eight characters that, from the cast reel, seem to be even more out of control than the Jersey Shore characters we have grown to love.

The show will take place in the Los Angeles Korea town area, which is known for its nightlife and boasts over 1000 nighttime establishments; this alone proves that there are endless possibilities of what can happen in K-Town.

Unfortunately for the world, this isn’t an actual trailer because the greatness that is K-Town hasn’t been picked up yet, but, with the cast of Jersey Shore holding out on the third season because of money, we might be moving to a new side of town, Koreatown that is.

According to celebrity Gossip website TMZ, the producers over at Jersey Shore are thinking about downsizing and only keeping the most interesting characters, Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation. Those other duds are looking at being put out to the curb… I’m looking at you Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie.

K-Town’s eight person cast includes Young Lee, Jennifer Field, Joe Cha (the Asian Situation), Scarlet Chan, Violet Kim (Karaoke enthusiast), Peter Le (former porn star), Steve Kim, and Jasmine Chang.  These eight are already more exciting than the most of the Jersey Shore cast so that leaves the question, is there room for both K-Town and Jersey Shore? Well with a cast reel that exciting, I think the world can make room for the K-Town cast.

Now I’m a Snooki fan until the end (I think it’s because of her cute “WAHHH!” sound she always makes), but from what I can tell I’m already excited to see Jennifer Field tear up Hollywood just like she tears up EVERY PLACE IN K-TOWN.

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