“Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir?”

Um, yes, please. Who wouldn’t want to make out with the person who said that – even if they don’t know what it means? It just sounds so much hotter and sexier than “I want you to come to bed with me,” which is the translation. But in America, especially on a college campus, how many people are going to seduce you with phrases in foreign tongues? Not as many as one would hope. But here’s the good news: if you’ve studied abroad and met some hot natives in the country of your temporary residence, you’ve probably learned a few phrases to take back to America. And here’s the better news: if you break them out, lots of people will want you, and they will want you badly.

So what makes speaking a foreign language in bed so sexy? Lots of different things. For one, it’s unknown territory. I’m not sure, but for some reason we all find something so delightfully intriguing about the great unknown. If at the bar I whispered in your ear “tomeme en casa con usted” (Spanish for “take me home with you”) out of nowhere, would you not be interested? Bet you would be. Even if you had no idea what it meant.


For example, once upon a time when I studied abroad in Italy, the Roman I was talking to spoke hardly any English. He literally said to me one night in the club, “You are very beautiful, Jessica. Vieni con me alla macchina per il sesso.” Now, when translated directly it sounds sort of silly, but what he was trying to say was come have sex with me in the car. Do you know how big Italian Smart cars are? So yeah, not the best idea. Still…the way he said it would have made the struggle worthwhile.

Another reason people tend to find the foreign language thing so hot is the fantasy aspect. If you’re consistently hooking up with the same person, or  even if you’re in a relationship, it’s not unnatural to start to get slightly bored, and have wackier fantasies in your head. But if your girl or guy just started screaming out hot phrases in different languages while you were in the sack, what would you do?

First, it’d be the epitome of a complete shock. At first it might be weird, but then you’d realize that perhaps a little part of your fantasy world would be coming true. The partner that you’re slowly growing bored of, just transformed into a new, foreign person, and it’s hot. It switches things up a bit, and helps spice up the relationship.

Think about all of the foreign models and actors that have accents that you would die to sleep with. You could be hooking up with Penelope Cruz or Adriana Lima for the night – at least vocally.

adriana lima

Lastly, speaking a language other than the one that comes naturally to you, in a time of no control, where you can’t even think straight, can be even better than actual confidence. Your skills, abilities and total attractiveness jump about six notches up in the sensual ladder. Who doesn’t want to be hooking up with someone who knows what they want and can express it in three languages: English, Foreign and physical?

whispering sweet nothings

The moral of this story is simple: learn some dirty words and phrases in a foreign language. Maybe even an entire foreign language. It’ll be worth your time.

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