Why Should You Get a Lash Lift?

Maybe you love the look of long eyelashes, but swabbing on mascara every morning grew tiresome. Perhaps you love the look of eyelash extensions but detest the constant maintenance. Does the look and feel of false eyelashes turn you off?

lash lift lets you have long, lustrous lashes without adding anything to your lashes. It simply shapes the lashes you already have.

You can have a lash lift done at a salon or spa or do it yourself at home. You can obtain a premium lash lift kit with 15 applications in it. The kit also includes the eye pads and cleanser needed plus the applicators.

Lash lifts work great for those who do not want frequent spa visits or salon appointments. One lash lift treatment lasts for four to eight weeks depending on the individual. Those who avoid using oil-based makeup removers and do not place their face directly under hot water in the shower or use steam facial treatments experience the best results.

lash lift also lets you continue to use mascara and lash serum the latter of which you might use to encourage your own lashes to grow. Those options are not possible with extensions or false eyelashes.

A lash lift works great for those who enjoy a natural look. Perhaps you just want your lashes to look lengthened to help your eyes stand out without wearing makeup. A lash lift does exactly this.

The change looks rather dramatic but does not require makeup or maintenance. Of course, it does not affect as much of a dramatic change as using extensions or falsies.

A lift simply curls the lashes. It shapes and lifts your eyelashes to provide an illusion of added length and fullness. It really just takes the place of a lash curler but in the sense of a lash curler that lasts for nearly two months. You need not repeat the process.

The first 48 hours after a lash lift you should not wear mascara or use a lash serum. Avoid using a lash curler until the lash lift wears off otherwise you will undo part of the work you did.

If you do not feel comfortable lifting your own lashes, you can visit a spa or salon. This service costs depend on where you go, but expect to pay between $80 to $175 per visit. You should probably have a technician lift the lashes the first time so you can learn the procedure. After that, you might try an at-home treatment.

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