5 Uses for Grabe Industrial Equipment

Grabe Industrials is a global manufacturer of industrial equipment such as pumps, tanks, press filters and a wide range of products. This company is proud to have more than 20 years of experience producing state-of-the-art solutions for their clients. Apart from supplying ready-made equipment, Grabe also develops bespoke systems that meet specific client requirements.

If you’re looking for versatile equipment for your industrial firm or warehouse, Grabe should certainly be your one-stop shop.

Here are 5 unique uses for Grabe industrial equipment:

  • Wastewater treatment using aerators

Aerators are used to inject high levels of oxygen into liquids. These remarkable devices derive numerous applications in the food, textile, dairy and paper industries. For instance, aerators are often incorporated in sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Apart from content homogenization, aerators help to reduce odors that result from degrading organic matter. These equipment are also used in fish farming, biological filtration and lagoons. Grabe manufactures a wide range of top-notch aerators that cater to numerous needs.

  • Water decantation

According to the World Health Organization, a third of the global population lack access to clean drinking water. Most water sources are either too salty or full of impurities. However, decanters can help turn impure water to healthy drinking water. These handy equipment work by removing solid particles that are suspended in water via gravity. Apart from their use in biological and rainwater treatment, decanters are also utilized in the recovery of sand and precipitation of metallic compounds. Grabe produces a variety of affordable decanters such as Dortmund and Lamellar decanters for different clients.

  • Safe disposal of effluents using drum pumps

If you work in the chemical or fuel industry, then you probably understand the importance of maintaining safety at work. Drum pumps provide safety and convenience when discharging fuels, solvents, chemicals and similar liquids that are contained in drums. At Grabe, you can choose between manual drum pumps (such as the GR-EM) and motorized drum pumps. Some applications of drum pumps include discharge of low viscosity fluids and collection of liquids.

  • Pumping fluids using pneumatic diaphragm pumps

If you deal with corrosive, abrasive or flammable liquids, then you need a powerful pneumatic diaphragm pump to transfer such liquids from one container to another. Grabe manufactures industry-grade pneumatic pumps using a variety of durable materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and Teflon. These pumps are extremely durable, portable, compact and low maintenance. They are ideal for vacuuming and pumping flammables such as gasoline.

  • Water and oil separation

There’s a popular notion that water and oil don’t mix because of their varying densities. But when these two liquids get together, separating them becomes a hard nut to crack. Luckily, Grabe produces highly effective water and oil separators that filter mineral oils from liquids. These equipment derive wide-ranging applications in gas stations, tooling companies, car wash stores and mechanical workshops. Grabe’s water and oil separators come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, the economical GR-SAO-E separator is designed to treat small amounts of oily water.

These are just a few of the numerous uses for Grabe industrial equipment.

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