WTF? Sesame Street’s Bert Interviews Andy Samberg (Video)


Serious mental dilemma!! Who is this video meant for?! Do children nowadays share a sense of comedy with stoned, apathetic college students? Is Sesame Street attempting to reconnect with a lost generation of viewers? Is Bert totally gay for Ernie? Yes. This is actually a video made by Sesame Street, starring Bert, the flamboyant yellow muppet with the monobrow, guest starring SNL’s Andy Samberg, in what seems to be an awfully upbeat lampoon of Inside the Actor’s Studio. Only on YouTube could something so ridiculous not only exist, but flourish. The world is desperately in need of new talk shows (Oprah is gone, Larry King is gone) though, and Bert is going to fill that void. Elmo ain’t got shit on Bert. Burn a quick L and prepare to giggle like a toddler after the jump.

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