Yes, Kevin Smith’s New Reality Series “Comic Book Men”

I can honestly tell you that Kevin Smith is my idol. He’s built his entire career around drinking, eating, smoking weed, making hilarious movies, and doing it all while being a nerd. Well, now on AMC, the channel that showed us men being awesome on Mad Men, and zombies being zombies on The Walking Dead, now gives us nerds being nerdy with Comic Book Men.


The show takes place in Kevin Smith’s comic book store, “The Stash,” and it follows the employees of the store: Walt, Michael, Ming, and Bryan (who is actually the basis for Dante Hicks). So what can we expect? A lot of talking, a lot of awkward (but hilarious) jokes about their shenanigans, and of course some insane, nerdy customers. And not only are those nerdy customers going to be coming in to the store, but they’re going to be trying to sell some nerdy shit, like some sort of better version of Pawn Stars! Because, honestly, which one would you rather watch:

Yeah me too (I’m just going to assume that you agree with me). Granted, I think a lot of the comic-book-nerd jargon is going to be lost on me, but does that mean I won’t watch the show? I was thinking about skipping it until I heard there was going to be a special guest in at least one of the episodes.

That’s right! Jason Mewes. I grew up with these assholes raising me through the silver screen, so of course I have to support them in their next venture. Maybe for their next special guest they’ll bring in Ben Affleck… or maybe that’s just me thinking that this show is going to be a combination of Clerks, Dogma, and the greatest superheroes ever created: Bluntman and Chronic.

And if they don’t, well, I guess you can just watch the show as you light up, because if there’s one thing you can count on when watching a Kevin Smith production, it’s that it’s going to be amazing when stoned. Snooch to the nooch, biotches!

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