6 College Majors that Can Get You a Job Abroad

Before even considering entering the world of business at an international level, you must first decide which career path you wish to follow. As reported by thecampussocialite.com, as much as one third of American high school students can´t seem to decide what kind of degree they want. To avoid future hardships as a professional, especially in another country, it is imperative you choose a major that truly interests you.

Being informed about the demand in certain fields that you might feel drawn to is quite helpful when picking a major that could lead to a culturally, and financially, enriching career overseas. Here are six college degrees that can help you land a job abroad.

  1. Journalism

If you enjoy knowing different countries and cultures, you should consider becoming a foreign correspondent or investigative journalist since they are required to travel around the world to cover different stories. Moreover, English is the language of choice in international commerce, development, and diplomacy, with almost every country having some sort of publication in English.

News media in English is progressively spreading in developing nations, while other countries like Palestine and China already deliver news in English from different sources. There are also several opportunities for skilled writers and editors to find a job in the many English language media outlets in non-English speaking countries.

  1. International studies

Having a degree in international studies can aid in developing abilities that are highly regarded by employers such as analysis, research, writing, problem solving, and knowledge of other cultures and languages. These cross-cultural skills will allow you to form business insights that can make your career reach higher latitudes. Being academically prepared in world economics, culture and politics, can lead to positions as an international business specialist, diplomat or economist,

International studies graduates may also find employment in nonprofits as relief workers in the field of social services, as well as jobs in consulting firms and educational institutions based on their experience and skills. In some cases, internships related to global business could be a prerequisite to becoming employed overseas.

  1. Conservation

A degree in conservation, wildlife, biodiversity or marine biology can take you to incredible and exciting parts of the world to work on international projects. Even if you are bit more hands on, you could still join some of these organizations as a volunteer and visit amazing places

Nevertheless, a Master of Conservation Science/ Biology will actually grant you the opportunity to participate in the field of conservation directly, with the possibility to decide whether you prefer to stay in an office, work in the field or a combination both.  Having a major or a master in different areas of conservation will allow you take part in international studies and research projects, while giving you an international competitive edge.

  1. Medical

When it comes to finding a job abroad, a medical degree is probably one of the best tools to reach that purpose. Doctors from the United States tend to have even less complications because of their academic preparation, apart from the fact that they already speak English, the international lingua franca of business, which includes medicine.

Humanitarian/aid organizations like the UN or the World Health Organization, and NGO´s such as Doctors Without Borders typically have a high demand for physicians, nurses, epidemiologists and other medically trained workers. Graduates could also be recruited to participate in scientific activities abroad or to work as representatives for international pharmaceutical companies overseas.

  1. Hospitality and tourism

A degree in the hospitality business is an excellent way to develop a career abroad. Certified professionals could find work in hotels worldwide, game reserves in Africa or international airlines and cruise ships. In fact, a considerable amount of specialized foreigners come to the U.S. seasonally to work for Disney World´s cruise line or on luxury yachts in Florida since it can be a very profitable for them.

Some hospitality degree courses offer industrial placement or internships abroad, enabling you to develop contacts within the sector while putting your academic learning into practice.  This is the case for graduates who wish to specialize in a particular branch of hospitality like tourism, hotels, events management, marketing or human resources by enrolling in international postgraduate studies

  1. Engineering

The engineering business offers a lot of opportunities for professionals to work worldwide, particularly in emerging nations with an increasing manufacturing base and infrastructure construction. There is a lack of highly educated people in developing countries, elevating the market value of western-educated engineers, especially for senior and experienced staff

A common way to try to get hired as an engineer abroad is for candidates to start at a company that has branches overseas. Although it may take some time, graduates could seize the opportunity to gain experience and learn another language before relocating.  A faster alternative would be to apply for an engineering position directly in the country you would like to work in. However, you will probably need to be more academically and professionally prepared.



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