Everything LSU vs. Alabama Other Than Football

You can search the web for countless numbers of sports stories regarding tonight’s highly anticipated showdown between LSU and Alabama. Here at Campus Socialite though, we wanted to take a slightly more intriguing approach at breaking down the event. Anybody can predict who is going to win. Instead we will tell you who should win based on our unofficial awards using computer-based rankings for each school (sound alarmingly familiar). Here is a rundown of both SEC schools and how they perform in the most crucial categories.


Best Mascot

Mike, the LSU Tiger mascot, was not on his A-game the last time these two teams squared off in November. Unfortunately the LSU mascot could not handle his excitement during the pregame as he trampled over his own cheerleaders right before the match during warm-ups. Not the best first impression.


Big Al on the other hand is a funny and fun loving looking elephant. It is curious to note that the school’s nickname is the Crimson Tide, so it’s rather puzzling why they are represented by an elephant. Apparently Big Al got his name when a fan in the 1930’s screamed “here come the elephants,” referring to the all-mighty football team. It was a catchy enough nickname back then and stuck so the mascot remained as an elephant.

Tough choice as both mascots have provided entertainment over the years but running into your own cheerleaders, as opposed to the opponent, is not a winning move Charlie Sheen would approve. Big Al is pretty cool with his huge nose (I am Jewish after all), so for that he earns round one.

Winner: Alabama


Best Head Coach

First off, Les Miles has an awesome nick name: “The Mad Hatter.” Second, he eats grass. While of course you or I would never do this, it makes for a pretty hysterical ESPN commercial. Lastly, he is the leader of an undefeated LSU Tiger Squad that has already beaten Nick Saban this season in a field goal fest 9-6.

The Alabama coach has the combined personality of Bill Belichick and Newt Gingrich, which equates to a total asshole. Nick Saban is certainly successful and at the top of his craft just like the other two guys previously stated, but he is not exactly the type of guy I would want to go grab a few drinks with. Many can argue that Saban is the better coach, but at least Miles has never failed in the NFL (Ask Miami Dolphin fans their opinion of Nick Saban).

Winner: LSU


Best Food

LSU, known for its Cajun food, has tons of great places to dine. Restaurants such as Raising Cane’s, Louie’s Café and The Great Wall are just a few of the many classic places students enjoy stuffing their faces in.

Alabama also offers southern style specialties that students cannot get enough of. Local establishments such as Buffalo Phil’s, Crimson Café, and 15th Street Diner are amongst the favorites in Tuscaloosa.

Both offer excellent choices of food, and this is a close call, but the fact that LSU is home to New Orleans-based cooking such as jambalaya, shrimp, and of course fast food favorite Popeyes gives LSU the slight edge.

Winner: LSU


Best Alumni

Famous LSU Tiger Alumni include Vice President Hubert Humphrey who served under Lyndon B. Johnson, Political Commentator James Carville, Shaquille O’Neal, and the dude who created The Sims computer game.

Members of the Crimson Tide family include legendary football stars Joe Namath and Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, author of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, and the dude who co-founded Wikipedia.

Both have famous alumni but in this case advantage Alabama. The school has a longer history of tradition and excellence in terms of famous people who have contributed to society. Roll Tide.

Winner: Alabama


Best Cheerleaders

Ever heard of the phrase a picture tells a thousand stories? Not worth analyzing, just enjoy the pictures of the cheerleaders and I will let your imagination decide who should win this battle.

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