7 Tips to Improve Your Game at Apex Legends

Let us all agree that gaming enthusiasts have embraced Apex Legends for a better and improved gaming experience. And being very honest, not all can make the most out of the game because of a lack of technique.

In case you also want to ace the art of legend and be a maestro, well, it is needless to say that you need to focus on some simple tips and tricks. Otherwise, all your labor will be going into vain.

Let us know the tips and tricks for Apex Legend for a better insight. Be ready to shoot your shot!

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Training mode ON!

This is useful for any game you name. Likewise, the training mode in Apex Legends is super helpful. Before actually entering a match lobby, please spend some time practicing in the training mode. This will eventually make your aim perfect in no time.

Try to practice quick position shifts after each shot to stay alive longer in a squad game. Also, familiarise yourself with all the weapons there. Each weapon functions differently. Know their ins and outs well and practice your shooting methods with them for fewer complications.

Carry different weapons

Well, this is needless to say that various diseases need different medicines. Likewise, multiple situations in a squad game will require different weapons to attack. Hence try to carry various weapons for making yourself flexible and versatile.

And if you are a die-hard battle fan, you will enjoy each weapon present here, starting from sniper guns to rifles and grenades. Just make sure you pick two different weapons that complement each other. The same kind of weapons may not let you be that flexible for any given situation.

Learn to navigate the map

A golden rule of acing any such game is to imprint the map of the area in your mind. If you are well aware of the route and the loopholes of the site, there are fewer chances for you to die in a game quickly.

But staying at one place for so long may get you killed in seconds after you enter a game. By that, I didn’t mean to say you move aimlessly. Instead, read and follow the map well. This habit may influence your shooting and playing style as well. Eventually, you will come down like a pro here!

Stay smart, play aggressively

In Apex Legends, it is not always an excellent idea to run far. Rather engaging your opponent in a fight will be appreciable. Sometimes you need to come out and play aggressively. Additionally, you should make smart moves when you are inside a squad as well as in a match!

Pick a collection of weapons or tools that you please. This way, you can attack your enemies flexibly in any situation. Hence, the chances of winning increase.


If you are playing in a squad, remember one golden rule. Teamwork is the key to winning. Hence strategizing and plotting are there. But apart from that, the most crucial part is to hold on to your teammates and communicate with them.

If you and your squad are not clear enough of the plan that you all will be executing, things can be messed up and lead to defeat. If you do not want that, please keep in touch with your squad while playing.

Know the characters

Apex legend is such a fantastic game that every game enthusiast out there would love to embrace. This game lets you get familiar with various characters. You may explore them. one interesting fact about all these characters is that they all come with different features.

Meaning each character has got something incredible or unique to offer which others do not have. Discover the characters’ traits and know them thoroughly so that you can utilize the feature in a match.

Adjust the settings

This step might be tricky to follow and might depend on your personal preferences. The game lets you customize the game sensitivity. You may set the mouse sensitivity according to your wish and will. You may adjust the settings accordingly.

Final thoughts

People who have experienced Battle Royale will find much to appreciate in this game because it is ready to give you a lot faster and supreme experiences. If you want to slay Apex Legend, follow the tricks mentioned above and be a pro!

Good luck!

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