LineRocket Revolutionizes The Concert Experience

LineRocket Entertainment, the premier nightlife and ticketing service based out of Los Angeles, has officially launched its live-streaming platform called LineRocket Live. This will give you the ability to see some of the biggest, baddest live events without leaving the comfort of your dorm or having to find your friend Molly. In collaboration with Committee Entertainment, the people who brought you DayGlow, LineRocket will be dropping this revolutionary technology TONIGHT, June 29th at the Miami Beach Convention Center at 8pm sharp, with their own concert series called “State-Of-The-Art.” The headliner of this monstrous event is Alesso, one of the biggest DJs in the world. I bet your wondering “OMGGG HOW DO I GET TO SEE ALESSO??!??” just take a deep breath and count to 10, we hyper-linked the LineRocket player below, so all you need is to click to rage.

Here is more information about the event.

Watch Alesso Live Here.