The Rebirth of the MC: D. Chamberz drops “Warrior Mentalilty”

If you are true Hip Hop head who believes that the art of being an MC is a skill that can’t be duplicated with auto-tune and over produced beats, then we have a treat for you. Everyone in the Campus Socialite Head Quarters is extremely excited that our favorite rapper D. Chamberz’s newest Mixtape “Warrior Mentality” drops today. For the unlucky few who don’t know who D. Chamberz is, he is a Coney Island born and raised MC who lives and breathes the “Warrior Mentality.” Many Brooklyn residents might remember the rumor going around that D and Stephon Marbury were getting statues built in the revamping of Luna Park. D. Chamberz has been on the grind, making this 22 track banger, some of the artist featured on the Mixtape are Jadakiss, Fred The Godson, Cortez, Matt Hoffa and many more. D. Chamberz gives all rap fans hope that talent always prevails in a watered down music industry. Download it for yourself on

Here is the entire “Warrior Mentality” Mixtape for your listening pleasure:

Here our some of the staff’s favorite songs from the Mixtape:

Elan- “What U Lookin’ At”

He says everything I want to say to tourist on my way to work.

Jason- “Another Cold Day”

My new pump up song.

James- “Back Of The Club”

Any song with biggie in it is automatically my favorite.

Make sure to check out his newest video “Back Of The Club”