Can You Study Better With Music?


You’ve heard the hype: Mozart turns babies into geniuses and if you have music as a crutch, not only is it easier to study, you’re also better at it. Better studying leads to better grades, or the ability breeze through any exam.

But is there more to the hype than meets the eye? Can music really help you absorb and retain information better?

If you Google this issue, you’re going to encounter a lot of opinions … but take a close look at the source. Outside of blogs, do any “real” sources have solid scientific backing? The short answer is that it all depends on you and your unique situation.

The 2010 study

In 2010, Adrian Furnham and Lisa Strbac published their findings in an issue of the Ergonomics journal. As it turns out, music isn’t very helpful if you’re an introvert: you’re likely to perform worse. But if you’re an extrovert, your concentration is the same as in a noise-free environment and might be a smidge better. Basically, the more extroverted you are, the better music can help you.

However, if you’re struggling with study habits, it’s better to try other strategies before adding music to the mix. A serene environment is crucial, so all those people you see studying on the bus are doing themselves a disservice.

Carve out your own comfortable, clutter-free study space and commit to a schedule. Don’t procrastinate, review at all times, and consider a tutor if you’re really having challenges.

The 2002 study

However, a seemingly unrelated 2002 article suggests there might be a place for music after all. A team of physicians published the article “Music and Preoperative Anxiety: A Randomized, Controlled Study” in Anesthesia & Analgesia journal which suggested that listening to music before surgery helped greatly with anxiety.

However, this can be applied to any situation that causes stress, such as right before taking that big test. In other words, having your iPod or other MP3 player on hand is the perfect distraction before busting out those number-two pencils.

The study required patients to self-evaluate their stress levels before surgery, but doctors also checked their vitals for cues such as heart rate, blood pressure, electrical activity, and serum cortisol. The end result was that listening to music pre-surgery “significantly” decreased anxiety by 16 percent.

Sixteen percent is a whopper of a decline, so just imagine what that plus good study habits can do for your test days.

The 2000 study

In an effort to answer the question “Does music make you smarter?” once and for all, Steven M. Demorest and Steven I. Morrison published their findings in Special Focus simply titled “Does music make you smarter?” The answer is yes … kind of.

“We are confident in this answer because there is a wealth of research that demonstrates without a doubt that music instruction makes students smarter in music.” Wait a minute; when did music instruction get into the mix?

According to this study, when people assume that music makes you smarter, the bulk of scientific evidence looks at whether professional musical instruction makes better musicians. That should be a given, but somewhere down the line it got mixed up. In the end, this study didn’t find that music (whether listening to it or playing an instrument) made you smarter in anything else.

However, that doesn’t mean regular study breaks aren’t important. You’ve been staring at a screen or paper for quite awhile, so give your eyes a break and your ears a treat. Choose music that suits what you’re trying to feel, whether it’s pumped up or calm and relaxed.

A local band with a diverse portfolio might be just what the doctor ordered.

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What Does DJ Dillon Francis Eat While Backstage At A Show?


What do one Malawian Orphan, the third season of Lost (on VHS) and a brand new 1983 G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Action Figure all have in common?

They’re all items found on Diplo’s hospitality rider.

A hospitality rider is, basically, a list of essential items and accoutrements required by the performer specific to a their tastes and comforts. As a courtesy, a concert venue provides these things to keep the performing artist  happy.

What usually happens with concert riders is that they become lists of the coolest stuff the artist can think of so that the concert venue can have it ready for them upon their arrival.

Diplo’s hospitality rider is legendary and has long thought to be the most bizarre ever. But it has a flaw. Very few of those items are actually possible to obtain. Diplo’s rider reads more like a parody than an actual list of requests.

There is, however, a hospitality rider that kicks Diplo’s rider in the junk, knees it in the face like Sagat from Street Fighter II (Turbo Edition, baby) and sets the newly deceased carcass on fire like a David Copperfield Las Vegas Casino show.

Dillon Francis knows how to party and his rider proves it. You could allege that his rider is suspect because he has been affiliated with Diplo in the past and he actually verified the veracity of his virtuous hospitality trailer on his Facebook page.

The difference between Dillon’s rider and Diplo’s rider is function. There’s nothing you can do with a Malawian orphan that Madonna hasn’t already done. What’s left will require clearance from the United Nations.

There is, however, a lot you can do with an Indiana Jones whip, a photo Arnold Schwarzenegger, a blow up doll with lube and VHS porn tapes. Don’t say you’ve never thought of it before.

An evening with professional DJ Dillon Francis, according to his rider, would probably involve eating those healthy meals for starters with some freshly busted open pinata candy for dessert. Thirsty? You’ve got bottled water and coconut water. Tired? He’s got Red Bull for in between his set list. Need a voyeuristic feel to your evening’s activities? Sylvester Stallone as ‘Rambo’ looking down on you in judgment.

You feel uncomfortable? Feel like you stepped out of bounds? Exhausted after your DJ adventure? Dillon Francis has you covered. Turkey Jerky and fruit have plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals during your time with Francis, cuddled up next to the Amish Made Electric Fireplace.

Sounds like a great night! But some items hold unique distinctions all their own:

Why would a DJ need a gun? To protect himself from people barging into the green room of course.

Why does he need disposable cameras? To record the events of the night in case cell batteries can’t keep up.

And why on earth would Dillon Francis need the promoter’s girlfriend’s number? So he could have someone to reach in case of emergency. Duh.

What’s up with the signed picture of Avicii though? Surely it’s to make sure that a fan that visits his dressing room has something to remember their time by, right?

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Top 5 Music Festivals To Visit By The End of The Summer


Despite the problems with humidity, annoying mosquito bites, summer is essentially everyone’s favorite season. With the warm weather here, long days and pleasant nights will be filled with famous music festivals that come with outdoor dance parties, free concerts, grand music releases, and much more. There will be music events for every age and taste around the U.S. nationwide. Following is a list of several top music festivals that everyone can attend to this year.

Where: Tennessee

Nicknamed as “The Roo,” it is one of the leading summer festivals in the U.S., and it’s deliberately famous for being over the top for its diverse music acts. The name translates as “real good time,” and with this simple saying many will enjoy themselves under the blazing sun of Tennessee throughout the 283-hectare farm the festival is held on. This year everyone who attends will get a taste of Björk, Paul McCartney, and Mumford & Sons. Aside from listening and watching to a decent list of artists, there are several other entertainments available for everyone – silent discos, wet slides, and a carousel ride for each inebriated individual to ride on.

Where: Chicago

This music festival was developed from a grungy event, established 20 years ago by singer Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction. The event first included Soundgarden and Pearl Jam before growing into the huge festival it has become today. Lollapalooza hosts more than 130 acts from mainstream pop to indie along with other attractions – from learning how to be a clown at the Kidzapalooza and a few comedy shows. Aside from the many acts that will occur at this festival, the most popular that many are looking forward to will be The Cure, Phoenix, and New Order.

Where: Nevada

Known as one of the largest music festivals in the U.S., this music festival takes place in the scorching desert of Nevada. This empty area of sand transforms into a camper city – known as “Black Rock City” – usually filled with more than 50,000 music fans. The festival begins on the Monday before Labor Day and on Saturday night the event is lit up by a 40 foot statue – called “The Man” – and a smaller figured dog. Attendees must bring their own living essentials to this event due to the fact that it offers no food vendors, stages, or showers. This gathering is for fans who have interest in major self-expression through art and music.

Where: Seattle

A three-day music gathering mixed well with numerous art shows, this event hosts one of North America’s largest art festivals. The event puts together bands – Jane’s Addiction, Dusty 45s, Passion Pit, Wanda Jackson, The Vaselines, and more – that many probably won’t get somewhere else. There will also be a large amount of art shows that will keep visitors entertained.

Where: Chicago

One of the top music festivals that occurs every year, Pitchfork holds an amazing gathering for music lovers. The artists that will be taking center stage this year will be R. Kelly, Yo La Tengo, MIA, Sky Ferreira, Savages and many others that follow suit. There will be numerous vendors that music fans can shell their cash out in between sets – containing concert posters, indie books, records, and crafts.

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5 Things Every DJ Must Do On The Mic


No matter how tight your set is, no matter now sweet your remixes are and no matter how many booties get to shaking on the dance floor, misrepresenting yourself on the microphone could severely hurt your chances for more gigs and more fans. Remember a few basics and everything else will stand for you and your expertise. You don’t have to go to DJ school to know that the mic is both your best friend and worst enemy.

1. Say Your Name

You want people to remember you, but if they don’t know your name they will not. Funny thing about folks and the good times they have, they’re not always trying to remember the DJ. Make them remember you. Every time you crack that mic you need to say your name.

Do not say it in the same place every time you speak though. Open up with it sometimes, close with it others and vary it up in between. You only need to say it once, though. Say it several times each time you talk and people will get annoyed. You want to self-promote, you don’t want to pester.

2. Don’t Talk Too Much

The average intro to a song is about 18 seconds. That’s all you need to say your name and get your point across. If you’re talking for longer than that you’d better be comedian too. They came for the music. Not your voice.

3. Be Brief And Be Clear When You Do Speak

Being brief as opposed to not talking so much means that what you say has a point. Don’t just get on the mic and riff whatever comes to mind. Make sure that what you say is focused and clearly explicates what you wanted to get across.

You control the microphone. You control the party. As the DJ what you say should make them want to pay attention. If you’re just running your mouth about how much fun you’re having, you may find that folks will tune you out when you have something important to say. Be brief and be clear so that your words carry weight every time you crack the mic.

4. Write Down What You Have To Say (If Need Be)

‘Um’ and ‘uh’ are your enemy. These words will extend the amount of time you talk. These words will steal power from what you’re trying to say. They will injure your presence and steal the effectiveness of your set. Do not say those two words. Ever.

You’re a DJ so you probably have a laptop nearby if not right in front of you at a gig. If not, then you probably have a smartphone. If you can’t get through talking without saying ‘um’ and ‘uh’ then type out what you need to say and read it when you have to say it. Yeah, this is a beginner move, but after a few gigs you’ll get the hang of it and won’t need to write it down so much. But don’t be afraid to do it. Almost no one will know and whoever does will forget it. But they’ll remember what you said though. That’s what’s important.

5. Announce Your Next Gig

Every time you DJ you should be telling your audience where and when you’ll be next performing. Consider your crowd first though. If you’re DJing at a club and your next gig is the county fair, you don’t necessarily need to tell everyone where you’ll be next. Also, be careful about announcing a gig at a competing venue since that may be frowned upon by management (as well it should). Aside from that, make sure people know how they can next experience a set tailored by you. If you don’t self-promote, who will?

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Lee How’s “Heat” Is Straight Fuego


Hey Socialites, go ahead and check out this video with lyrics and girls hot enough to melt your popsicle this Fourth of July. Lee How’s new song “Heat” is directed by our very own Campus Socialite Alums, Jon Mann and Logan Miller. If Paris Hilton’s career as a DJ wasn’t going up in flames she’d have to admit, that’s HOT.

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Afrojack Tears Down Pacha NYC


I’ve had this ongoing discussion with my friends “what would be the best concert line up of all time?” This argument can be put to rest because I’ve witnessed the GREATEST LINEUP OF ALL TIME. Fact me on that. As working for The Campus Socialite and being the MAN I was able to go see Afrojack, Quintino, R3hab at Pacha. I don’t want to seem cliche but it was one of the greatest shows I have ever been able to witness. The person who surprised me the most was Quintino, he legitimatly gave me chills every time the bass dropped. When R3hab came on at 3am he came with full force and I got my second wind for raging. The highlight of the night was when the biggest name in EDM, Afrojack came out. The crowd was deafening and it was well deserved, he is one of the real EDM artists whose skills are unmatched by anyone else in the scene, he also made my face melt when he dropped “Let’s Make Nasty.” Don’t believe me check out a few of these pictures from the event.

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The Rebirth of the MC: D. Chamberz drops “Warrior Mentalilty”


If you are true Hip Hop head who believes that the art of being an MC is a skill that can’t be duplicated with auto-tune and over produced beats, then we have a treat for you. Everyone in the Campus Socialite Head Quarters is extremely excited that our favorite rapper D. Chamberz’s newest Mixtape “Warrior Mentality” drops today. For the unlucky few who don’t know who D. Chamberz is, he is a Coney Island born and raised MC who lives and breathes the “Warrior Mentality.” Many Brooklyn residents might remember the rumor going around that D and Stephon Marbury were getting statues built in the revamping of Luna Park. D. Chamberz has been on the grind, making this 22 track banger, some of the artist featured on the Mixtape are Jadakiss, Fred The Godson, Cortez, Matt Hoffa and many more. D. Chamberz gives all rap fans hope that talent always prevails in a watered down music industry. Download it for yourself on

Here is the entire “Warrior Mentality” Mixtape for your listening pleasure:

Here our some of the staff’s favorite songs from the Mixtape:

Elan- “What U Lookin’ At”

He says everything I want to say to tourist on my way to work.

Jason- “Another Cold Day”

My new pump up song.

James- “Back Of The Club”

Any song with biggie in it is automatically my favorite.

Make sure to check out his newest video “Back Of The Club”

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Na Palm Drops His New Podcast “Electronic Chronic”

Na Palm image and stuff

Campus Socialite is proud to share with you our newest musical pleasure that is “Electronic Chronic” podcast. The host of this amazing showcase of EDM with rap lyrics over it is our favorite EDMC artist Nā Palm. You will remember our boy Nā Palm as being the headliner for Blitz and Beatz last year, where he murdered lives while making people dance like they found some chick named Molly. Nā Palm and his team are overwhelmed with excitement because this is a first-of-its-kind podcast series that is going to change the way you listen to music. House Music being conducted by an MC has never been meshed on two sets of continuous music like Nā Palm, DJ Martinson, and the master producer/DJ Bad Boy Bill, have done. The first half of the podcast is being conducted by Nā Palm and spun by DJ Martinson and the second half will be a brand new special guest every episode. Lyrically-infused EDM bangers will be hitting the masses all summer long! To commemorate the launch, Nā Palm’s team is giving away merch from and USB drives with the first podcast downloaded and you can win by tweeting: “@CampusSocialite @NaPalmLive @djBadBoyBill #ElectronicChronic podcast is here! 1hr 13mins of non-stop progressive Hip-House bangers!

So get out your rave sticks and pacifiers Nā Palm is about the drop the heat… take a listen for yourself!!!

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Krewella Releases Play Hard

Krewella EDC

Do you guys remember back in the day when Campus Socialite told you about Krewella? Most of you probably thought “WOW Campus Socialite really knows good music.” If you weren’t part of the “most of you,” then here is more proof on why you should jump on the Krewella bandwagon. They were just written about in The Rolling Stone, they just dropped their new EP “Play Hard” on BeatPort and they are the sickest thing to hit the music scene since Skrillex shaved one side of his head. Here is a link to The Rolling Stone article and where you can listen to “Play Hard.”

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Ben Burgess Premieres “Supras on Slow” Music Video


Ben Burgess just premiered the brand new video for “Supras on Slow,” a track from his recently released mixtape. The video takes a different direction from the poolside party clip for Ben’s debut single, “Party Like a Pornstar.” “Being back in Texas, back where it all started was perfect for the ‘Supras On Slow’ video.” says Ben. “Nothing fancy, no mustaches, just my homies and a camera.” Ben is currently gearing up for an Australian tour with Guy Sebastian (first Australia Idol winner and current judge on Australia’s The X-Factor). For more info on Ben and to download his free mixtape, head to his official site at

 “Supras On Slow”

“Party Like a Pornstar”

Video For: “Party Like a Pornstar”

Ben Burgess Mixtape Download 

Official Sites:



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