AXE’s Video Scavenger Hunt: Video 3

Axe Clean Your Balls Campaign

Since we had so much fun with AXE on the “Clean Your Balls” campaign, we’re rolling out a bonus contest! This time we’re asking you to scour through the AXE videos and answer some simple questions about each. All you have to do is follow @AXE on Twitter, then find the answers in the selected video and tweet them @AXE with the hashtag #AXEhunt. The more answers you find, the more likely you are to win! AXE detailers will be given out to winners everyday, and at the end one person will be selected to win a $200 grand prize (USA only please, sorry folks)!

So without further ado, here’s your first video, followed by the five questions that accompany it…THE HUNT IS ON!:

1.     What is our prankster’s name?

2.     What kind of company does Joe work for?

3.     How does Stacy describe her ballsack?

4.     What is better to clean a ballsack than a rag?

5.     What danger might Stacy encounter when lathering her ballsack?

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