Beer Pong Finally Gets Its Own Branded Beer

Did it really take this long for someone to come up with beer specifically designed for college’s favorite drinking game (which I still consider a sport). Pong Beer is exactly what it sounds like. Cheap beer designed specifically for you. Yes we know you have your favorite cheap beer but Pong Beer is a one stop shop. No longer are extra trips needed to Wawa or Quick Check just for a set of ping pong balls and Solo Cups. Instead with Pong Beer you get a 30 pack of beer plus two ping pong balls cleverly titled “The Rack Pack.” If you buy a second pack, an additional two ping pong balls and party cups will also be included.

beer pong

So far Pong Beer is already installed in 10 states, (NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, OH, KY, TN, IL, WI) with 10 more states supposedly on the way. As of now, I have yet to drink it but does it really matter. No body buys Keystone, Natty Light, or any other cheap beer based on its  great taste. All college students want is a cheap way to get drunk fast.  This product surely fits both needs and that’s why it is socialite approved.