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Not that I have to tell any Socialites or Divas this, but sex is awesome. What isn’t awesome however, is when the TV is on and you catch your buddy watching “Couples Retreat” instead of focusing on you. So, this week, The Campus Diva’s giving you another option: some R&B-type music about sex…and being good at it. Obviously these songs aren’t the only ones out there, but they are definite staples in the making love department.

1. Neighbors Know My Name – Trey Songz

For those of you who didn’t read my review of the MTV Movie Awards and see my comment about Trey’s performance, I love him. We’re getting married after he meets me. Of course, Trey has sensual sex songs, and he makes it very clear in Neighbors Know My Name that when he’s lovin’ you, he’s loooovin’ you. Best way I can describe it: you know the part in Drumline when Nick Cannon tells the other drummer to “love the drum,” and he makes faces and hand gestures about loving the drum? Well, that’s what I picture happening during this song.


2. Ride It – Ciara feat. Ludacris

Okay, besides the fact that in this video I wish I could do the Ciara dance, this song proves you know how to work it in a way that people fantasize about. Watch the video, listen to the lyrics, put it on in the bedroom and you will transform into a porn star.

3. Reverse Cowgirl – T-Pain

The title says it all. Like Ride It, Reverse Cowgirl screams experience in the bed department. No one wants to be boring when you’re going at it, so even just this song and a little position shift can change it up big time.

4. Trading Places – Usher

Usher is sensual. Everybody knows it, and if we didn’t put him on this list would truly be half-assed. Besides, those stomach and dance moves, the lyrics to this song and his high-pitched moaning could never turn a girl off.

5. Just a Little Bit – 50 Cent

If you want to make your partner happy (just a little bit), do a little strip tease, a little feisty action before getting down to business. Shake up the usual routine and always keep them guessing…it makes everything (just a little bit) more fun and exciting, and this song will really get you going.


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