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It’s that time in the semester: Midterms have rolled around and it seems like the only scenery you’re used to is the inside of your room or the library. You’re hopped up on caffeine, you haven’t slept in ages, your professors suck more than ever and all you want is to do well. Because of this stress-mess you yell a lot more at friends, family, and even your boyfriend/girlfriend. Let’s admit it, we all know that being around someone when they are in that mode is completely unpleasant, so here are some ways to relax/change things up.


When you’re staring outside your window looking at that gorgeous day wishing you were outside, go! Take 10 minutes to walk around and get some fresh air. When you’re cooped up inside all day, chances are you aren’t going to focus as well, so take a small break and enjoy nature, it’ll make you feel better.

Take a Bubble Bath

Put on your favorite slow jams and just relax. You’ll be amazed what simply sitting in water can do for you. Not to mention you’re surrounded by bubbles and your favorite scents.


This may sound completely silly…only because it is. Laughter everyday is not only healthy, but the more you laugh the more endorphins get released and the happier you feel.


Okay, yes this is the complete opposite of the previous one, but sometimes a good cry lets out all the emotions and stress. I’m not saying that you make yourself cry but if you feel like it, then let the tears flow and watch the stress go!

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Having something familiar around is often very soothing, especially when you’re far from home! This can be the movie you recite by heart, or a movie that’s just plain silly. Sit back and enjoy it!

Take a Nap

When we give up sleep it’s not only unhealthy but also makes us completely crabby. You can get downright mean if you haven’t slept and it isn’t fair to you or the people around you. So do everyone a favor and nap.

Call Home

Friends and Family always want to be there for you when you need it, so call them, even if they’re the last thing on your mind. They can offer various perspectives on your problems, and they can help you calm down. There’s nothing like hearing your family tell you they believe in you.

Get out!

If you’re done with all your work, get out of town! Go to a nearby town and spend the day away! If you can get away for the weekend, do it! Chances are you’re going to feel a lot better upon your return and you can deal with everything much better when you get back.

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