Get Ready For The New Concert Experience With ROLLIES

Ever been at a club or concert venue and you see someone rocking what look like 3D glasses? Have you ever approached that person and struck up a conversation about their sweet 3D glasses, only to find out that they aren’t 3D glasses at all, but are actually “fireworks” or “prism” glasses? Well, if you haven’t seen or heard of these, get ready to have your mind blown.


Do you get what’s going on in the video? Basically, Rollies take any light coming through their prismatic lenses and turn it into a kaleidoscopic array of colors that completely envelope you in a world of ridiculousness. Rollies are the first brand name prism glasses, and soon they’ll be available at any and all raves, shows, clubs, parties, etc. that you’re at, starting with GlowFest Presents Deadmau5 on October 19th and Bounce Music Festival presents Avicii on October 29th. Both events take place at Pic A Chic Farms in Bloomington, IN, so Indiana University students get first dibs on this awesome product.

Rollies was started by Jon Stein, Matt Strombelline, Aaron Mojica, Ben Kruger – four friends, Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs who discovered fireworks glasses while on semester abroad in London. They had never seen anything like them back in the states, and when they inquired about them, found out that they were even a rare occurrence in Europe. Matt Strombelline told me what was up: “in these clubs, people hand them to you…and you couldn’t find them – and the effect was astonishing…and if you’re with a girl who wants them, literally the kids will start the bidding off at about 12 pounds, which is $15.” Yes, $15 for paper glasses.


So the guys came back to the states with a great idea: produce high quality, branded prism glasses at cheap prices for the thriving American rave scene, so everyone can enjoy the same magic they experienced. Aaron Mojica shed some light on their goals: “we’re really passionate about taking the concert [and live music] experience and expanding it to something beyond just a crowd watching a stage. We’re really passionate about enhancing peoples experiences and making…the crowd almost part of the live event, almost part of the music.”


Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of the matter: how much are these babies gonna run you? Well, one pair is $2, but the more you buy, the cheaper they get…and who wants to buy just one pair of prism glasses anyway? Guaranteed you’re gonna share them with your friends, so you might as well get a bunch. 3 pairs costs $5, 5 cost $7, and 10 cost $10. Give them to a hot girl, pass them around, and let everyone experience the fun with you. You’ll be the life of the party, no question.

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