By: Amanda Schweitzer (Hofstra)

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Hey ladies! My previous articles talk about the biggest turn-offs and what to wear on a first date, etc. I decided to put it all together and talk about the ten most important steps to take when getting ready for a date. From start to finish it is essential that you do these things before stepping out that door. It is nerve racking getting ready for a date so taking a shower and getting ready helps relax the nerves, plus, it’s fun!

Ten Most Important Steps To Take When Getting Ready For a Date

1. Shower

Always shower before you go out on a date. It is very important to stay cleansed and looking your best. Remember the three-S’s Shower, Shave, and Scent! Plus, you never know what is going down after dinner, or better yet, when he’s going down after dinner.

2. Shave

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pubic hair and some men like it- but not all men. Different cultures and other countries don’t mind hairy legs, armpits and vaginas, however, most men in the United States like it groomed.

3. Clean Teeth

Make sure you brush your teeth before you go out. It’s important to have that beautiful vibrant smile. It is also lovely when you have fresh breath. If you are going out to dinner make sure you carry some gum just in case.

4. Eyebrows

Go to the local nail salon and get your eyebrows waxed. If it is easier, just tweeze them yourself. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who barely need eyebrow maintenance, please take care of it. It is all part of keeping a fresh and clean look. You don’t want those caterpillar eyebrows.

5. Nails

It doesn’t matter if you have clear nail polish on, just make sure your fingers and toes are well taken care of. The last thing you want is dirty nails – don’t look like you just dug through a garbage bin.

6. Not Too Much Makeup

Three words: Don’t Go Overboard. Guys like natural girls better and they want to see the real you! They asked you out, not a clown.

7. Choose The Right Underwear

Other than shoes, under garments ARE a very important part of an outfit. Wear a thong for everything except a short dress or skirt. Also, make sure its pretty! Black is always a good choice. No grandma underwear!

8. Appropriate outfit

If this is your first date you want to make a good impression. Usually guys like casual and classy unless you are going somewhere really fancy. Don’t go crazy picking out an outfit – just be you. A loose “off the shoulder” shirt with leggings or jeans is just fine.

9. Shoes

Obviously shoes finish off the entire wardrobe. You could be wearing the most adorable chic and fun outfit but if you are wearing crappy shoes then the whole get-up is a failure. Shoes are essential so make sure you match them correctly with the type of outlay you are wearing. Also, remember, you wear the shoes- the shoes don’t wear you, therefore, own it.

10. Scent

Before you walk out that door you better make sure you smell fresh and clean. One of the biggest turn-offs for men is a woman who smells disgusting. It’s not that hard to find a perfume that you like. Just make sure you don’t go overboard because the last thing you want to do is make it so your date can’t breathe.

Follow these guidelines and I can almost guarantee a second date! It’s not hard to feel beautiful – plus it gives you more confidence!

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