How Much Information Is Too Much To Share?

In this modern age, technology is constantly adapting and changing to create new devices, programs, and ideas. This technology is in-arguably fantastic and I don’t think any one of us would be willing to give it up and return to the days of AOL dial up and giant brick-like cell phones. However, is it possible that we absorb this technology and immediately begin using it without considering any of the consequences? How much is too much when it comes to having your personal information on the web, for all the world to see.

Facebook alone scares the shit out of me because, realistically, we have no idea who is viewing our information and pictures, despite the privacy settings we establish. To make matters worse, Facebook and Smartphones have integrated apps that allow you to “check in” to different places including stores, restaurants, events, or even other people’s houses.

Not only is it completely unnecessary to tell everyone your every move, it’s completely dangerous to publicly declare your whereabouts to the whole world. As a single girl that lives with three other girls in a fairly dangerous area, I am not trying to tell the world where I am at all times. It is bad enough that I have to fight off creepers walking down the street or at a bar. I do not need to be worrying about online predators that I am not even aware of.

I can understand where the allure of this type of app comes from. People think it’s cool to tell others they are at certain events like a concert or an interesting place. Foursquare is also an interesting use of this technology as a game where you can check into different places and earn badges for how often you check in until you can become mayor and control the location.

However, much like making status updates, this whole concept has gotten a little ridiculous. We need to start thinking about what information is too much and where we need to draw the line. Honestly I don’t give a fuck that you are out eating sushi with your girlfriend so stop wasting both our time; if I was really that concerned I would probably call or text you to find out where you are.

Am I the only person who is completely creeped out by how carelessly people spread information? The idea of essentially telling the world exactly where I am at any given point, where I often frequent, or even worse, where I live is completely terrifying to me. We live in a world where Law and Order SVU isn’t just a show, shit like that actually happens regularly. Technology has not only made our lives and pictures extremely public, it has enabled stalkers and molesters to learn all about our lives and the best ways to target us.

I feel like this is especially dangerous for college students because we live in such a public environment, yet we’re actually very sheltered in our college bubble where we feel like nothing from the real world can touch us. Well guess what guys? College students can be rapists and murderers too. All it takes is a few clicks and possibly even a mutual friend before they have access to your pictures, the jokes you post around with your friends, your contact info, and the address to your house where all your friends checked in last week. Now guess what they are going to do with all that information….endless possibilities.

guy at computer

Possibly the worst thing about this technology is that we have become dependent on it. Unless you are signed up and utilizing all these types of social networks and technology, you are constantly out of the loop. Almost any future career now requires we are at the very least proficient with them as well as constantly aware of how they are changing and why it is important. I know we are not forced to use any of these apps and I don’t use Facebook places because of how creepy I think it is, but what worries me the most is that if we are already creating such invasive apps where we give out intimate details of our lives, what is going to come next. I cannot even imagine what technology the future will hold or the repulsive ways that some people will take advantage of it.


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