shake weight for men

Seems like all products for men cut time in half or involve getting two things done at once. I think it’s safe to say men are somewhat lazy. If it was possible to invent a bed that bathed, dressed, and fed men I’m sure it would have been done already. Lately, I’ve been coming across some products that make me wonder what kind of person (most likely a man in these cases) sat down and thought of them – like the Shake Weight. The products below will have you wondering, “hey, why didn’t I think of that?”

The Briefcase Barbecue

briefcase grill

I polled the guys in the office and they all thought this one was genius. It’s exactly what it looks like – a grill in a briefcase. It comes with a spatula for flipping burgers and a fork for hotdogs. I suppose it’s standard for guys to want to barbecue at will. Or maybe disguise their grill as a briefcase. Next time you’re having a barbecue, invite your boss over and impress him with your thinking-about-work-but-not-really barbecue skills. It’s only 11 bucks, you can’t really go wrong with that.


Washable Tuxedo

washable tuxedo

Imagine yourself as Clark Kent, fighting crime in Metropolis without having to duck into some random room to change into your super suit. There’s no fear of dust, rubble or God knows what from the tryst with the girl in the closet when you’re wearing this suit – as long as you’re able to wash it. The first of its kind, this washable tux from Cintas can be the one you wear to your buddy’s wedding when you know drinks will be drunkenly spilled all night. It’s an innovative step in the right direction, but I must warn you it’s not bulletproof, so your time as Clark Kent should stop short of the actual crime fighting.


Bottle Opener Cufflinks

It’s rare that a guy finds himself without a bottle opener, but just in case you need one for that bottle of Natty Lite or Keystone, has the perfect stainless steel bottle opener cufflinks. This is for the guy who always loses his bottle opener keychain. It’s a bit pricey at $50 for the pair, but you have to admit, it’s well worth it to  impress your coworkers during those after-work nights.


Beer Holster

beer holster

Who wants to look like a douche standing there holding a bottle of beer in midair? Not you. With this beer holster you can look like someone’s equally douchey and uncool dad with a beer attached to his hip. It must be better than having your hands all wet from the bottle’s condensation, right? This beer holster is only 30 bucks, and on the flip side you can keep your credit cards and cash.  It’s the contemporary fanny pack.


Weener Kleener Soap

weener kleener

In case your hands, washcloth or loofah doesn’t do the trick of cleaning your funky monkey, there’s Weener Kleener soap. Just slip your *ahem* junk into the circle of soap (one size fits most), move it back and forth a few times and — voila — your junk is as clean as a whistle.  This sounds like it’ll be the start of a 30-minute shower instead of your planned 15 minutes, but a squeaky clean peen trumps everything.

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