How Your Facebook Page Can Ruin Your Job Prospects

Facebook is a wonderfully useful tool when it comes to hunting for a job. Your Facebook profile can help you get a job, and generally increase your visibility in the online arena.

However, Facebook can also ruin your chances of getting a job. If you’re not careful, you may end up shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. The content of your Facebook profile can bar you from that job you’re working hard to land.

1. Your photos speak volumes … and maybe the wrong ones

Most people forget that their pictures can be seen by pretty much anyone. It doesn’t take much effort for a prospective employer to access your Facebook page, where he or she will be able to scroll through your photos. It can give the person an idea of who you really are — perhaps a distorted idea.

What are you doing in your Facebook photos? Are you smoking, drinking, partying, pranking, or giving the impression you’re something of a slacker? You may end up losing the job opportunity because you posted pictures of yourself in the wrong situations, the wrong clothing, or the wrong moods.

2. Your page may indicate you’re lying on your resume

Padding the resume is something many people do; it’s expected that prospective employees may exaggerate their skills and talents a bit. They may use fancy language to describe their experience (“administering the delivery of gastronomic delights” instead of “serving at a restaurant”). Flat-out lying, though, will lose you the job.

Did you say you were working at X company last summer? How is that possible if your summer vacation pictures are from the same period? Your internship couldn’t possibly be enjoyed over a pina colada on the beach, right? The information, pictures, and posts on your page may suggest you’re doing more than just “padding” the resume.

3. Your content may generate the wrong impression

How many employers want their prospective employees to be posting sexy pictures of themselves or significant others on their Facebook page? What about content related to alcohol consumption or drug use? The employees of a company are the company’s face, and many firms are careful about presenting the right image.

No company wants to hire someone who’s constantly posting controversial or inappropriate content that hints at illegal activities. Be careful about what you post on your Facebook page, because that article, comment, or picture could lose you that job.

4. Your page is full of complaints

Your old job may not be ideal, which is why you’re thinking about leaving it. If you post complaints about your current or previous boss, or the customers you interacted with, it makes a bad impression — both to the general public and potential employers.

The reason this could ruin your chances of landing the job is prospective employers may see it as a lack of interest in their job as well. You’ll give the impression that you’re the type to complain no matter what situation you find yourself in — and no boss wants to deal with that.

5. Your friends expose the truth about you

Do all your friends spend their time partying, posting inappropriate content, or just wasting their days? Your connections on Facebook and LinkedIn may speak volumes about who you are. A wise man said, “Show me a man’s friends, and I’ll show you who the man really is.”

Facebook can be a huge asset, or it can stop you from receiving that second interview. Make sure your page is filled with photos, content, and posts that will aid you in your job search … or at least not hold you back.

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