Laugh At The Ravens’ Pain With Some Fan Freakout Hilarity (Videos)



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Anyone out there happen to miss that Ravens meltdown against the Patriots yesterday? If you did, I’m sure you’ve heard about it and/or seen the highlights on SportsCenter that I can only imagine have been playing continuously for the last 15 hours. As a Jets fan, I had no emotional attachment what-so-ever to this game, other than hopes for injuries on both sides of the field. But even in my cold, bitter heart, that ending was painful. Really, really painful.

Anyway, now that the Giants are officially Super Bowl-bound and ready to hand Tom Brady’s Ugg-sporting ass to him on a silver platter, I can look back at the Ravens gaffe and laugh. Especially when the internet blows up with poor Baltimore fans freaking out about it. Baltimore might have brought us great cultural staples like The Wire, Babe Ruth, and Domino Sugar. But that town bleeds purple to a point of tactlessness, horrifying to a tasteful North-Easterner such as myself. So for all of us in the rest of the world, lets watch some Ravens fans and laugh. Patriots fans not welcome. You should have lost that game and you know it.




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