Lindsay Lohan Tonsil Boxing With Own Mom. Really Weird or Kinda Hot?

lindsay lohan kissing her mom

I don’t really know what to say about this but i’m gonna try my hardest. With the Charlie Sheen Roast premiering last night, and all the weekly Kardashian nonsense, we almost forgot our friend Lilo. Looks like Lindsay Lohan and company (namely her mother, Dina) felt they needed to step it up. The two are sitting in Beauty and Essex in NYC, right next to Lindsay’s brother Cody, and clearly making out.  I’ve been staring at this picture for 5 minutes now, looking for a reason for it to be fake. It’s not. So Socialites, since I’m pretty much speechless, I’ll ask a question instead: Digusting, Trampy, Vile, Classless or Really Fucking Hot?  I’m going with both.

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