By: Kevin Plaza

Last weekend’s mega fight between Floyd”Money” Mayweather and Shane Mosley might not have meant anything to a lot of people because boxing is on the decline, especially in the United States. However, it did mean plenty to “Money May”, with this last embarrassing defeat of Mosley, he has etched his name in with some of the greatest of all time. Ali, Frazier, Sugar Ray, and now Pretty Boy Floyd.

This somewhat little man (compared to other boxers), is the fastest, most intelligent fighter that I have ever seen. He breaks opponents down with his conditioning and then embarrasses them with his counter punches and his power. Every fight that this man goes into, people are always saying “this guy can beat Floyd this time”, “ this guy is too powerful for Mayweather”, and by the fifth round of every fight, all you hear is Jim Lampley’s voice repeating “ well Floyd is dominating this one”, and “ maybe this wasn’t the right fight for them” when speaking about the other boxer.

No matter how you look at it and what you think about Mayweather’s personality and the way he carries himself, he is the best fighter of his generation and there won’t ever be another fighter like him.  He is truly one of a kind, a man that talks so much “shit” before he gets into the ring, flaps his mouth at cameras all the time, then gets in the right and just lets the fight come to him, totally opposite of his personality outside of the ring. But that “shit” that he talks, he backs up, and he backs them up in convincing ways. Just ask Mosley, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya, just to name a few.

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